CVS shutters DC location after teen thieves routinely empty shelves

CVS stores in Washington, D.C., are scheduled to close at the end of February, likely due to a spike in thefts in the area. fox business It was reported on Tuesday.

The store in northwest D.C. has been the target of a group of teenage shoplifters for several months. About 45 thieves regularly ransacked the store, leaving most of the shelves empty.

Although CVS stores have armed security guards, their primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of store customers and staff, not to track down shoplifters. WTOP report.

“Maintaining access to pharmacy services in the communities we serve is an important factor we consider when deciding to close stores,” a CVS spokesperson told the news outlet. he said.

“Other factors include local market trends, population changes, local store density, and securing other geographic access points to meet local needs,” she added.

CVS said a spokesperson would not confirm whether the stores are closed due to rampant theft. WTOP In October, the company announced it would work with local law enforcement to “identify and dismantle several major shoplifting rings.”

“Additionally, we are working with the D.C. Attorney General's Office to support new efforts to combat retail theft,” CVS said. At the time, the company reported that it had no plans to close its DC location.

A video shared on social media in October showed aisle after aisle of bare shelves after a group of teens stole most of the store's merchandise.

Employees said large groups of teens frequently come to the location before and after school and late at night to steal snacks and drinks. They also reported that the teenage thieves know when new packages are expected to arrive and coordinate the best time to target those locations.

according to WTTG, just down the road from CVS, street vendors are selling products similar to those that once filled store shelves. Some speculate that street vendors may be paying teenagers to steal from the place.

“It's pathetic. It's very sad to see the actions of our next generation destroying property and putting people out of work. I think it's ridiculous,” one resident told WTTG.

Another shopper told WTOP that the store was “the emptiest CVS I've ever seen.”

“You basically have to go to another CVS to get what you want,” she says. “It's almost empty.”

The Columbia Heights CVS store is scheduled to close on February 29th.

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