DA Fani Willis, Trump prosecutor may testify about affair

Embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may be forced to testify in a hearing later this week about when Trump’s affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade began, a judge says. announced on Monday.

Both prosecutors and Wade, whom Willis appointed as special prosecutor in the Georgia election fraud case against a dozen former presidents and others, are expected to be Trump’s co-defendant Mike Roman. He was trying to avoid testifying at Thursday’s court hearing. He is seeking to have the criminal case against him dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct.

But Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee said in court Monday that Roman’s attorneys had “established a basis of good faith” in the testimony of the two prosecutors and other employees of the prosecutor’s office.

He also said the hearing would focus on Roman’s accusations about whether Willis benefited financially from hiring Wade and when the two first became romantically involved. .

He warned that “evidence of actual conflict or indications of conflict may result in disqualification.”

Donald Trump himself is scheduled to attend Thursday’s hearing. A source told the Washington Post.This will be his first appearance in a Georgia court since he was indicted along with 18 others last August.

District Attorney Fani Willis and President Trump’s prosecutor, Nathan Wade, could be forced to testify in a hearing Thursday to answer questions about their affair. Reuters

The hearing is connected to Roman’s case, but Trump’s lawyers also said Willis’ public comments about her relationship with Wade tainted the case by bringing up racial issues in public comments. They are calling for Willis’ lawsuit to be dismissed.

McAfee said Monday that he would not hesitate to terminate any cross-examination of Merchant that would cause “undue embarrassment” to Willis or other witnesses.

The judge said Roman’s “star witness” Terrence Bradley (Wade’s former law partner and Divorce lawyer) said he needed to testify first. They did not live together because of President Trump’s investigation and disproval.

Roman’s attorney, Ashley Merchant, argued that Bradley would testify early Monday that the relationship between Willis and Wade began before he signed his first contract with the DA’s office in November 2021. Earlier this month, the two denied the claims and claimed there was no relationship between the two romantically linked until 2022.

Willis and Wade, the latter of whom has been embroiled in a divorce scandal since 2021, came clean about the affair after Roman filed bombshell documents in January seeking to have criminal charges dropped and Willis disbarred from the case. was forced to. The reason is that she allegedly benefited from Wade’s lucrative appointments after he paid for her to accompany her on vacation.

Mr. Willis appointed Mr. Wade as special prosecutor in the Georgia election fraud case against the former president. AP

However, Wade and Willis said in court papers filed by the prosecutor’s office on February 2 that there was no conflict of interest in their romantic relationship.

They claimed they did not live together, did not share finances, and took turns paying for vacations they went on together.

Anna Cross, a prosecutor’s attorney, said in a video Monday that Willis, Wade and any of the other eight prosecutors’ office employees subpoenaed to testify should not be forced to take the witness stand Thursday. He claimed that there was no.

“They are in no way going to support the speculation in this motion,” Cross said. “They will refute the allegations.”

Willis and Wade claim that they only became romantically involved after Wade began working on the case. AP

“The defense is not bringing the facts, the defense is not bringing the law, the defense is bringing gossip, and the court should not tolerate that behavior,” Cross said.

As for Willis and Wade, Merchant said they both had “the most relevant information” regarding her claims that they started dating earlier than word was said and her claims that they were actually living together. He said he has.

And if Wade or Willis deny any of these facts, Mr. Merchant will have numerous witnesses on hand, including members of the DA’s office and Willis’ personal security personnel, to prove otherwise. He said that

Lawyers for Mr. Trump’s co-defendant, Mike Roman, have argued that the two prosecutors actually began dating before Mr. Wade joined the investigation. AP
Willis and Wade also maintain that they do not live together and are financially separate, and that Willis does not personally benefit from Wade’s income. AP

McAfee indicated the hearing could last until Friday, saying he would seek answers to a number of questions because of “conflicting evidence” so far.

“The question here is whether a relationship existed. Whether that relationship was romantic or non-romantic in nature. When it was formed. And whether it lasts,” McAfee said. said. “And that’s relevant because it’s combined with the question of the presence and extent of personal interests that are transmitted as a result of the relationship.”

The hearing will begin at 9:30 a.m. in an Atlanta courthouse and will be streamed live on YouTube.



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