Dance team for the budget-strapped NYPD goes viral after cringe performance on local TV

Members of the New York City Police Department’s dance team received national attention this week, but likely not for the reasons they expected, as their performance on a local news broadcast went viral on social media.

Until this clip was published on the Internet, most Americans, and perhaps even most New Yorkers, probably didn’t know that the NYPD had its own dance team, but it actually does exist. Founded in 2022, the NYPD Dance Team is one of approximately 50 athletic teams within the department, practicing twice a week and participating in activities such as schools and parades as part of the department’s commitment to community service. Performances are held all over the city.

The camaraderie within the group and the physical activity that comes with it also helps the members. ”unzip“Team representatives said it was due to the stress of law enforcement.” autumn rain martinez, a police officer with the 108th Precinct in’s Instagram According to the account profile, the members are “[s]Stay healthy both physically and mentally with DANCE! ”

NYPD employees, uniformed officers and civilians alike, are allowed to participate, regardless of experience. The team is currently made up of only women. selection “As long as there’s passion, that’s what we value most,” Martinez insisted last month in hopes of getting more members, especially men, to join.

Perhaps to further raise the group’s profile, the team appeared on WPIX-TV’s morning show last week and performed a routine to Flo Rida’s “Club Can’t Handle Me,” which was followed by a live broadcast on social media. It was almost completely criticized by the people. This segment is approximately 6 minutes long and the routine begins at the 2:45 mark.

The most common criticisms seem to have to do with the women’s appearance and varying degrees of talent.Popular Meme Sharing X Accounts planet of memes One person called the performance “next level unpleasantness,” while another said user He cleverly joked that the clip “looks like the opening of a Weight Watchers infomercial.”

Still others complained that the group was a waste of valuable time and resources. “Crime in New York City is at an all-time high…” one person wrote. user“People are being murdered, stores are being looted, drugs are flooding the streets, there’s a homeless crisis, and the streets are overrun by illegal aliens. What’s the solution? NYPD Commissioner: Dance!”

“The library is closed for the weekend, but there’s an NYPD dance team,” joked another user.

In fact, despite a spike in violent crime in the city, Democratic Mayor Eric Adams, himself a former police officer, has announced that all uniformed departments are preparing for a surge in illegal immigration in the city. ordered a reduction in personnel. As a result, as Blaze News previously reported, the NYPD has instituted a hiring freeze but still has to cut 10% of its 33,000 officers, with staffing levels at their lowest in 40 years. It became the standard.

This year’s New York City Police Department budget is reportedly A whopping 10.8 billion dollars. It’s unclear how much money the department allocates for dance teams and other after-hours recreation. activityhockey, paintball, baseball, and even chess.

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