Defund ICC’s ‘kangaroo court’ as it wages anti-Israel lawfare: Richard Goldberg

The Netherlands-based International Criminal Court on Monday said it is an extremely anti-Semitic and politicized institution that ignores facts and jurisdiction to pursue cases against democratic states defending themselves against terrorism. exposed.

U.S. policy should now shift toward pressuring allies to end funding for the kangaroo court and imposing financial sanctions to halt its operations.

The ICC’s indictment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on war crimes charges has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with legal acts: harming or outlawing the enemy. It has to do with the use of the legal system.

In this case, detractors of the United States and Israel are using the ICC to attack a liberal democratic nation exercising its inherent right to self-defense in the face of a brutal terrorist enemy.

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Karim Khan is the ICC’s chief prosecutor. (Getty Images)

In effect, the ICC has joined the Iranian-led axis as a partner in a multi-sided war to destroy the only Jewish state under the cover of international law.

ICC Prosecutor General Karim Khan has compiled Israel’s indictment against Hamas terrorist leaders as part of a sinister public relations strategy. This is an attempt to create a false moral equivalency between a bloodthirsty terrorist organization and a democratic government while creating the appearance of equality.

Of course, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar may not be too concerned about the ICC indictment. He lives in a hole in the ground surrounded by Israeli hostages, and rightly sees the ICC’s indictment of the Israelis as another ticket to his survival.

The ICC indictment against Prime Minister Netanyahu and Gallant falsely alleges that Israel intentionally harmed civilians in Gaza.

The facts not only disprove such accusations, but also demonstrate Israel’s historical efforts to minimize civilian casualties (civilian casualty rates are unheard of in modern urban warfare) and its continuing efforts to pump large amounts of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Not only are the accusations baseless, citing Hamas allies as sources, but they are clearly outside the ICC’s jurisdiction.

Israel is not a member of the ICC and, as a democratic state, has robust mechanisms for self-investigation and accountability.

The Rome Statute, the treaty that governs the ICC, makes it clear that these charges are completely unjustified.

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Today’s target is Israel. But tomorrow it could be America. Like Israel, the United States is not a member state of her ICC and is a democratic state with a system of respect for self-responsibility.

The threat to the United States from the ICC is not hypothetical. Washington faces an active ICC investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.

Protecting Israel from ICC laws and regulations now will help protect American soldiers and government officials in the future.

The double standards and political nature of the ICC’s actions toward Israel are made clear by the agency’s remarkable inaction against the world’s most evil regime.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken out against the ICC’s announcement that it will seek an arrest warrant for him on war crimes charges in Gaza. (Government Press Office)

For over 20 years, this so-called tribunal has failed to take any action against the biggest perpetrators of crimes against humanity on earth, from Xi Jinping’s genocide in Xinjiang, to Ali Khamenei’s atrocities against the Iranian people, to Bashar al-Assad’s genocide of the Syrian people across the globe.

But the world’s only Jewish state fights back against Nazi-like terrorists who massacred Jewish families and held others hostage, taking great care to reduce civilian casualties. At this time, Israeli democracy becomes the ICC’s greatest concern and target.

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Tragically, it took only 79 years for Europe to become a place where Jews were tried for their role in fighting the Nazis.

It should come as a shock that Japan and Germany are the largest funders of institutions that carry out this abhorrent act.

It should be nauseating that the UK and France are the next two top donors.

No democratic country can call itself an ally of the United States and fund anti-Semitic laws against Israel that also lead to future lawsuits against the United States.

Anti-Israel protesters rally outside New York University campus

Anti-Israel demonstrators rally outside the New York University campus on Friday, May 3, 2024, in New York. Campus protests have entered their third week as tensions rise across the United States. (Rashid Umar Abbasi, Fox News Digital)

The U.S. government must take decisive action, including threatening financial sanctions against banks that process transactions for or on behalf of the ICC. Those officials should face asset freezes and visa denials.

And the ICC’s major donors must choose between supporting democracy and the rule of law or supporting terrorist sympathizers who use the law to undermine both.


The ICC should not be dismissed as symbolic or a joke.

This agency is misusing the law as an instrument of war, and the United States should act accordingly.