Desperate Media Cover Up DOJ Official Kristen Clarke’s Potential Perjury

Amid penalties for perjury in 2021, Kristen Clark, who heads the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, answered “no” to the U.S. senator’s next question.

It turned out that she had been arrested and charged with a violent crime. During a domestic altercation with her then-husband in July 2006, Ms Clark attacked her husband with a knife, severing her finger to the bone.

daily signal report:

According to court records obtained by the Daily Signal, the criminal case against Clark was initiated in Maryland’s Prince George’s County District Court, but on October 17, 2006, the Maryland State Attorney’s Office announced that the case would be “dismissed.” ” was filed. , effectively dismissed the charges without a trial.

About a year and a half later, Clark sought a “police and court record expungement order” in the same case.

In the end, the arrest was canceled. Clark and his then-husband divorced three years later. At the time, Mr. Clark had good reason to want his record expunged. She was in charge of the voting and elections division of the far-left NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Was it deleted or not?

she was “He was arrested and charged with committing a violent crime.” The fact that the record was expunged does not change that fact. She was asked a specific question by a U.S. senator, an elected official who represents the people, and she lied. That is perjury, pure and simple.

But now that she’s been arrested for perjury, the good dogs of corporate media are running to her rescue. Or should I say she ran to them, especially far-left CNN, to her rescue because she knows CNN is the best dog of them all.

Here it is how The good dogs at CNNLOL ran a headline about a Justice Department official who admitted to perjury: “Department of Justice Civil Rights Leader Says She Was a Victim of Abuse in Extraordinary Statement.”

The Democrats certainly did well, didn’t they?

CNNLOL’s story follows open:

Kristen Clark, the head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, said in an unusual personal statement shared with CNN that she was a victim of long-term domestic violence and that the then-executioner’s name was expunged during the Senate confirmation process. He said he chose not to disclose his arrest record. .

Clark’s now-canceled arrest, which reportedly occurred during a domestic dispute, quickly caused an uproar among right-wing media and members of Congress, who claimed she lied during her 2021 Senate confirmation hearing. There were also calls for his resignation.

Did I mention how much better the Democrats did?

“Nearly 20 years ago, I was subjected to years of abuse and domestic violence at the hands of my ex-husband,” Clark said in a statement to CNN.

“While this has been a horrifying and traumatic time, I have tried to put the past behind me in order to promote personal health, healing, and well-being,” Clark added, using all the right buzzwords. “Physical and emotional hurt, emotional abuse and exploitation, and lies no woman or mother should ever have to endure.”

What does the perjurer say…?

Great, if she lied to the US Senate, why should we believe something so selfish?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. If she was truly abused and terrorized by her husband, it would be a tragic and gruesome event, but that does not excuse perjury.

Glenn Thrush new york timeshe has a sordid history with women and is still allowed to work there. new york timesand he is and always will be spinning this falsehood like a good dog.

When Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) pointed out Clark’s perjury, Slash White Knight came to her rescue.

“Ms. Clark said her ex-husband abused her for years, and her arrest for cutting her finger has been reversed,” Thrash tweeted. She is still “scared and traumatized,” she said. The senator who initially introduced the incident without context has now issued this statement: ”

Hey, what’s the difference with Bigfoot? new york times A context-specific “reporter”?

People have seen Bigfoot.

And here comes the problem…

Clark’s claims against her ex-husband have not yet been confirmed. In fact, he reportedly denied this, saying, “Of course I deny it, but I think this is a sad, pathetic act of trying to make her the victim, and it exposes her character.” ing.

Corporate media doesn’t care. Clark is a black female Democrat. she is precious She will be protected. period.

Do you really believe that the corporate media is to blame for all of this?

…Do you lie about absolutely everything?

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