Ever wondered where word “equity” comes from? here’s answer

The left loves to throw around the word “equity,” especially when referring to the ever-growing list of alleged inequalities in our society.

But where did the word equity actually come from?

American author James Lindsay – Dave Rubin calls him one of the best exponents of “human relationships.” [woke ideology] and Marxism” – told the European Parliament about the history of this word.

“So here’s the definition of capital, and see if it’s similar to other definitions you’ve heard before,” Lindsay began. “The definition of equity comes from the literature of public administration. It was written by a guy named George Frederickson, and the definition was defined as “a managed political economy that adjusts the equity of the people so that they are equal. ”.

“Do you feel like you’ve heard that before?” he asked.

“Like socialism?”

“The only difference between equity and socialism is the type of property you redistribute.” [and] “It’s the type of stock,” he continued. “They are trying to redistribute social and cultural capital in addition to economic and material capital.”

“So this is my argument when I say, ‘What is Wake?’ Wake is Maoism with American characteristics.”

“Okay, so Marxism was actually an economic way to redistribute everything,” Dave says. But “not everyone is equal. There is always a layer that has everything, and others get nothing, which creates “equity” among people. ”

“[Democrats] The idea of ​​“I want to redistribute money” [one party] and give [another]” Dave explained, adding that “they want redistribution in virtually every part of life,” especially health care and education.

But to achieve all this equity, he says, “we’re going to have to kill a lot of people.”

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