Ex-cop turned legal pot farmer claims he’s bigger dealer than ‘anyone sitting in prison’

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Kyle Kazan is a former LAPD officer who once had to arrest a man who pulled up next to him at a red light and had a marijuana plant sticking out of his convertible with the top down.

“We stopped at a red light and he had a huge plant in the back seat of his car,” Kazan told Fox News Digital. “And I look at him and people are laughing. I mean, it was so ridiculous. And he saluted me.”

Today, Mr. Kazan is one of the largest legal pot growers in the country and is the co-founder and CEO of Glass House Brands, which produces more than 600,000 pounds of cannabis annually and will soon become It is expected that it will exceed the £1 million mark.

He said the company owns 6 million square feet of greenhouse space, but uses less than half of it.

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Kyle Kazan, co-founder and CEO of Glass House Brands, is looking at equity in his vast legal marijuana business, which conducts thousands of non-violent marijuana transactions inside prisons across the United States. Talking about sex on Zoom (Fox News Digital)

After breaking into legal pot business Mr. Kazan said he worked with shady partners, including associates of notorious L.A. figure Suge Knight, to sort things out, attract legitimate investors and develop a California powerhouse.

But there’s a dark side to the legalized pot business, says the man who wore a shirt and gave a speech declaring, “No one should go to jail for a plant.”

Relative to the scale of his operation, thousands of people are serving prison sentences for non-violent marijuana trafficking felonies.

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glass house marijuana greenhouse

A glasshouse greenhouse in Southern California is filled with lush marijuana plants. (Glass House Brand)

“Then justice is certainly not blind now, is it?” said Kazan.

Kazan estimates there are between 2,700 and 3,000 people in federal prisons for marijuana distribution. Thousands more are held in state prisons. The Last Prisoner Project, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization, estimates that there were 32,000 inmates nationwide on marijuana-related charges in 2018.

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That’s just plain wrong, Kazan argued, especially when those people aren’t moving positions as important as his company.

Glass House brand exterior

Exterior photo of Glass House Brands’ row of greenhouses in Southern California. CEO Kyle Kazan said the company owns 6 million square feet of greenhouse space for legal marijuana cultivation. (Glass House Brand)

He takes the issue seriously, even traveling the country to speak on behalf of nonviolent marijuana dealers who face decades in prison.

“In 2022, I flew to a federal courthouse in Augusta (Georgia) at the request of a man named Jose Valero Jr., because he contacted me on social media and said, ‘We’re accepting pleas.’ I will be sentenced,” Kazan told FOX News Digital.

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Valero is charged with three charges related to the 8 pounds of pot, Kazan said. This is about the same amount as it would take to sweep the floor of a greenhouse in one day.

“That’s the point I’m making: Anyone with a Charles Schwab account can legally own my stock right now from the courthouse, just like the judge and the defendant. ” he said. “So, are you sentencing this young man?”

Bella Thorne, Glasshouse Brands CEO Kyle Kazan, Supa Peach, Weldon Angelos and Laura Barron-Lopez attend SXSW Cannabis in Austin, Texas on March 19, 2022 Attend evolution panel

Weldon Angelos, Bella Thorne, Kyle Kazan, Spa pose before participating in a panel discussion at the 2022 SXSW Conference and Festival at the Austin Convention Center on March 19, 2022 in Austin, Texas・Peach. (Gary Miller/Getty Images for Glass House Brands)

He wants leniency for nonviolent dealers and reasonable regulation of the marijuana industry. And he blames politicians of both parties, especially President Biden, over the number of marijuana dealers still in prison.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Biden has remained steadfast in his determination to keep people in prison, unless it’s a famous WNBA player who is in Mr. Putin’s prison. And I’m glad she’s coming home. , I’m also glad he left to take her place at bat,” she said, waving a pen in front of the camera.

“But once you have this, you won’t have to redeem it with the Merchant of Death, and all you need is 3,000 signatures to end it.”

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He said marijuana users should be treated like alcohol users, and should be allowed to participate legally, but only in reasonable and safe behavior.

“The insanity of San Francisco and this state is making a mockery of my argument because they say, ‘Oh, they just want to spread people out on the streets and they just want to put needles in parks where kids play.’ “Because we are,” he said. “No, we don’t. We also don’t want people running around drinking beer and drinking alcohol in public. We need some laws about this, but this is a healthy and reasonable thing to do.” It can be done in a specific way.”

Glass house greenhouse wide view

Glass House Brands CEO Kyle Kazan said legal marijuana growers produce more than 600,000 pounds of cannabis annually, more than any dealer in prison. He said it was much more than that. (Glass House Brand)

Kazan also drew attention to the recent high-profile case of a woman who suffered a “marijuana-induced psychosis” after smoking high-potency cannabis, fatally stabbing her boyfriend and sticking a knife into her own neck multiple times. He also mentioned the incident. before the police arrived.

He likened the high THC content she ingested to Jack Daniel’s whiskey, which is more alcoholic than beer.


“It’s much less potent, but if you drink enough, you’ll get the same feeling,” he says.

He said he disagreed with the outcome of the trial in which she was acquitted.

“There has to be some personal responsibility,” he said. “When I read that story, I shook my head. I think if you choose to erase yourself with alcohol or something, you should bear the consequences of your actions.”



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