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EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Weighed Using ‘School Children’ To Help Register Dem-Leaning Voters, Emails Show

According to emails obtained by Protect the Public’s Trust and provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation, the Biden administration has sought taxpayer funding for a program that would use school children to provide voter registration materials to Native Americans.

Department of the Interior (DOI) officials were developing plans to distribute voter registration materials to Native American children attending Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools to be taken home by their parents in 2022, internal emails revealed. That year, Native Americans strongly supported Democratic House candidates, with 56% saying they would vote Democrat, compared with 40% saying they would vote Republican. according to That’s according to a poll conducted by the Collaborative for African American Studies just before the midterm elections.

“Ministry leadership is suggesting that BEI send voter registration cards home to students to give to their parents,” BIE team leader Jennifer Wigginton said in a February 2022 email. (RELATED: Biden administration sends $120 million to tribes for climate change efforts)

According to DOI legal counsel Joshua Berg, the BIE’s proposed Native American voter registration plan: Executive Order 14019An executive order issued by President Joe Biden in March 2021. The order required the heads of federal agencies to “assess ways in which their agencies can increase voter registration and voter participation as appropriate and consistent with applicable law.”

Berg further elaborated on the proposed voter registration drive, saying that in March 2022, he and his colleagues would “distribute voter registration applications in BIE schools so that school children can register.” [could] Under Berg’s plan, the federal government would “provide a prepaid return envelope for parents or guardians to take home the voter registration application.” [could] Please mail your completed voter registration application directly to your state’s elections office.”

The BIE, a division of the DOI, funds a network of 183 elementary and secondary schools spread across 64 Indian reservations in 23 states. according to Visit the agency’s website Of these schools, 53 are managed directly by the agency and 130 are run by tribes, serving approximately 46,000 Native American students.

According to emails, Berg contacted DOI Deputy Assistant Secretary Eric Warwa on March 2 to schedule a conference call to discuss funding for BIE’s school voter registration initiative. On March 22, Wigginton and DOI Legal Counsel Brian Quint were sent a link to a meeting with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to discuss taxpayer funding for BIE’s “voting rights” initiative.

However, a DOI spokesperson told DCNF that the agency “did not have a program to distribute voter registration materials to children attending BIE schools.”

“It is shameful that the BIE is considering diverting resources that could be used to improve student achievement, especially for populations of students who are already falling behind,” Michael Chamberlain, president of the Public Trust, told the DCNF.

Additionally, documents obtained by Protect the Public’s Trust show that DOI officials maintained a list of states combined with information about each state’s voting status, including New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, and Kansas.

Of the states on the distributed list, New Mexico In the House of Representatives election, he was in a close race with the Republican incumbent, Arizona There are fierce Senate and statewide races. Kansas In the gubernatorial election, the incumbent Democratic candidate barely managed to retain his position.

“What a coincidence that there is such a large overlap between the states that the BIE appears to have chosen to target and states where Democrats believe Native American voter turnout is important to winning the election,” Chamberlain said. “These records demonstrate that the worst fears of those who believed this order would be used to help the president and his party were confirmed.”

Democratic Party organizations have long looked to Native Americans as a way to bolster their prospects in the 2024 election.

The Montana Democratic Party has launched a $1 million campaign to mobilize Native Americans to support incumbent Sen. Jon Tester in the November election, Politico reported. reportMeanwhile, the Democratic National Committee announced in June that it would invest in Native American voter turnout in South Dakota. according to To ABC News.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that American Indian voters were a determining factor in recent elections,” said Alexander Castillo Nunez, civic engagement coordinator for the nonprofit Arizona Inter-Tribal Council. Represent The 20 tribes of Arizona To NPR. High Native American voter turnout in Arizona helped Biden win the 2020 presidential election, according to the Associated Press. report.

“What they did was weaponize the federal government for President Biden’s reelection campaign,” said Rep. Brian Steele, R-Wisconsin, chairman of the House Administration Committee. Said “It should be concerning to all Americans as we see this administration taking actions to use taxpayer dollars for political purposes,” Biden said in an executive order on voter registration in May.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Announced An investigation into the constitutionality of the executive order was conducted in May, with lawmakers expressing “concerns about the lack of constitutional and statutory authority for federal agencies to conduct activities outside the agencies’ authorized missions, such as federal voting access and registration activities.”

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