Florida man says landlord is kicking him out of apartment over ‘negative energy’ in posts on Facebook

A Florida man says he was kicked out of his apartment because of the “negative energy” he posted in a Facebook group.

Robert Dressler He told WTSP-TV Dressler received a non-renewal notice from the apartment manager at The Slade at Channelside, who he says has treated him and other residents poorly in the two years he’s lived in the building.

“They make me feel like I’m in middle school,” he said.

“There are fruit flies in the drains, doors that don’t lock and dog poop in the hallway.”

Dressler, who likes the location for its easy access to the Tampa Riverwalk and nearby restaurants, said he asked management why they were giving him a notice to vacate.

“I asked them why,” he said, “and they said it was because of the negative energy created in Facebook groups and the lies and misleading claims.”

Dressler said she created a Facebook group about the apartment when she moved in. WTSP ReviewMany of the posts are negative comments criticising the building’s management, with complaints of fruit flies in the drains, doors that don’t lock and dog feces in the hallways.

He showed WTSP a letter management sent him about his complaint.

“It has come to our attention that your participation on the Slade Residents Facebook page has created and encouraged a negative environment in the building.

Not only have you scared away potential lease holders, but you have repeatedly made false and misleading claims about the property that are counterproductive to our business and the enjoyment of others in the building.”

Dressler said he asked the management company to explain which posts were considered negative but was ignored, and WTSP reported the company did not respond to inquiries about why it was not renewing the lease.

Dressler said he consulted with an attorney about potentially taking legal action against the apartment management but was told the effort would be futile.

“At the end of the day, when you consider paying legal fees and commission, the cost exceeds the cost of simply moving,” he explained.

WTSP said Florida landlords have a lot of leeway when it comes to refusing to renew leases, but it’s unclear whether a Facebook post would be considered valid reason in court.

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