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Hawley calls to ‘take the trans flag down’ from federal buildings, have Christian CEOs put ‘America first’

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) used a speech on Friday to restore Christianity to the center of American life and called for the removal of the “transgender flag” from federal buildings.

Last week, US politicians and commentators were divided over a new Louisiana law requiring classrooms to display the Ten Commandments from the Bible. Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Majority Policy Conference, Hawley argued that Christianity, not LGBTQ identity politics, should be at the core of American life, including in the classroom.

Hawley argued that religion does not divide American society, it unites the country, and that “what divides America is their attempt to erase our traditions, their attempt to erase the foundation that this country is built on, which is based on the Bible.”

“It’s the radical left that’s dividing America,” he told a conservative conference. “And that’s why I say to you: We don’t need a weaker Christian presence in our society. We don’t need a weaker Christian witness in our society. We need more of the Christian witness in every part of our government, in every part of our society. You know what we should do? We should take the Pride flags out of our schools, we should put back the Bibles. You know? We should take down the transgender flags from every federal building, we should write ‘In God We Trust!’ ‘In God We Trust!’ on every federal building in America. Amen!”

Senator Josh Hawley delivered an impassioned speech about restoring Christianity to the center of American society, rather than a far-left cultural agenda.

The Left’s Problem with Men and the Bible

Hawley noted that “In God We Trust” has been America’s national motto since the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s.

“We have this motto, he said, that expresses that we are a special nation called by God for a special purpose. It’s time for us to reclaim that motto,” he said.

Hawley also asked the audience to imagine what life in America would be like if more Christian leaders ran big corporations and promoted “America First” policies.

“Plus, we need more Christians in business. We need more Christian CEOs in the C-suite,” he said. “What are all the CEOs doing? They’re hiring DEI agents, but at the same time they’re offshoring our jobs, hollowing out our country, destroying our jobs, destroying our families.”

Senator Josh Hawley

Senator Josh Hawley speaks during a Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, DC on March 2, 2021. (Graham Jennings/Washington Examiner/Bloomberg)

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“What if we had a Christian CEO who put America first and paid American workers a wage that was good enough for them to raise their families? Wouldn’t that be a great thing?,” he asked. “Wouldn’t it be great to have strong Christian policies across the board, including economic policy? What does the Bible say? It says you shall not lend money to your brother at interest. Some credit card companies charge 40 percent, 50 percent interest on credit cards. That’s outrageous.”

“If we had a little more Christian influence in our government, we could say, ‘We’re not going to let that happen anymore,'” he said.

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“What they’re doing is coming to us and saying, ‘Give me the heritage of your fathers, give me the Christian foundations of this country, give me the soul of this country,’ and we say, ‘God forbid we give you the heritage of our fathers,'” Hawley said.

Hawley is seeking re-election to the Missouri Senate in November after defeating Democrat Claire McCaskill in 2018.