Houston Texans Land Joe Mixon And Might Have Just Locked Up The Best Offseason As A Result

H-Town is totally on fire here in free agency!

Initially thought to be a running back Joe Mixon As a result, he was released by the Cincinnati Bengals and was scheduled to be sent to free agency, but apparently that’s not going to happen at all.

The Houston Texans acquired Mixon in a trade with the Bengals. Undisclosed draft picks According to NFL Network and’s Ian Rapoport, this is to seal the deal.

The move follows Cincinnati’s announcement that it intends to release Mixon, who signed a contract with the veteran running back. Zack Moss Going to trade on Monday.

However, the Texans successfully acquired a running back before Mixon became a free agent. their backs from last year, Devin SingletaryHe signed a three-year contract with the New York Giants on Monday after spending the 2023 season in Houston.

With all the big dominoes out of the way and the smoke clearing as a result, can we say the Houston Texans are having their best offseason at this point? Have they locked up already?

Judging by their movements, that might be the case.

I mean, damn, not only did they get Mixon in free agency, they also got a linebacker. Aziz Al Shailcornerback Jeff Okudah and linebacker daniel hunter.Plus, they managed to keep the tight end. dalton schultz. (Related: Steelers send Diontae Johnson to Panthers in shocking trade: Report)

Who is better than that?

There’s no one where I look.