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Illinois Man Accused of Throwing Big Gulp at State Attorney Kim Foxx

A man is accused of throwing a Big Gulp drink at Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx during an altercation outside her home in Flossmoor, Illinois.

Assistant Public Defender Katherine Stockslager said Friday that the suspect, identified as 34-year-old William Swetts, did not appear to recognize Fox when the two were driving in the 800 block of Sterling Avenue on Friday when they collided, Chicago CWB reported. report on sunday:

As Fox was taking a walk, she was confronted by the suspect in a pickup truck, who ordered her out of the way and Fox made “hand gestures” toward him, according to Assistant State Attorney Jose Villarreal.

“According to official documents provided to CWB Chicago, Fox gave Sweats the middle finger. The documents also say Sweats’ first words to Fox were a bit more pointed: ‘Get off the road, bitch,'” the outlet reported.

Swets reportedly stopped his car and backed up toward Fox, making her think she might be hit, but when Swets pulled up alongside her, she moved out of the way.

While the man remained in the vehicle, the two continued their confrontation and the man allegedly threw a “brown liquid” at Fox, who said some of the liquid got in his mouth and he thought it was root beer.

The suspect allegedly threw a drink from a Big Gulp cup at Fox and fled the scene. He was arrested a few hours later. Fox was not seriously injured during the incident, Fox 32 Chicago reported. report on sunday:

According to Villarreal, the suspect appears to have admitted to his involvement in the incident, the CWB Chicago article continues.

Prosecutors charged Swetz with aggravated assault in a public place and aggravated assault by motor vehicle, the more serious of the two charges against Swetz.

Court veterans who spoke with CWB Chicago on Sunday questioned Fox’s office’s decision to charge Swets with aggravated assault, even though he was accused of only throwing a drink at her.

Notably, federal prosecutors recently took on a case involving the 2021 killing of a National Guardsman in Chicago after Foxx’s office declined to prosecute gang members in the murders, Breitbart News reported on June 9.

Meanwhile, at least 36 people were shot in Chicago, led by Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson, over the weekend, eight of them fatally, according to a Breitbart News article published on Monday.