Maple Leafs fan ripped for throwing elderly man’s fedora on ice during hat trick

This fan should have been given a penalty. A rowdy Toronto Maple Leafs fan snatches a longtime season ticket holder’s expensive hat from his head and sends it flying onto the ice after scoring a hat-trick, but the hat’s rightful owner remains undisclosed. NHL fans were similarly displeased. John Hamilton, 73, was enjoying the second […]

Nelson Peltz slams Disney’s investment plans as throwing ‘spaghetti against the wall’

Billionaire Nelson Peltz’s Trian Fund Management criticizes Walt Disney’s investment plans. “Plan spaghetti against the wall” It said this in a letter sent to the entertainment and media giant’s shareholders on Monday. Mickey Mouse’s home is in a proxy battle with Mr. Peltz, who wants the company to cut costs, generate Netflix-like profits from its […]

Man banned from China panda park for life after throwing ‘objects’ into enclosure

A 53-year-old man named Gao has been permanently banned from China’s panda center for throwing an unspecified object into the panda enclosure. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has issued a ban on feeding pandas, saying it could harm them. Lifetime bans have previously been imposed for similar offenses of feeding pandas, including […]

Video captures moment IDF soldiers take out Hamas terrorist throwing grenades at them

An exciting new video shows Israeli troops confronting Hamas terrorists as he throws a grenade at them before being eliminated. The footage, uploaded from southern Gaza on Monday, shows Israeli Defense Force soldiers opening fire on Hamas’s Khan Yunis Brigade outside the commander’s home. As the gunfight continues, a grenade suddenly explodes near the Jewish […]

‘Sickening’ Trump ‘Throwing Cold Water’ on Border Deal

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) said Friday on CNN's “News Central” that he is “disgusted” that former President Donald Trump is “throwing cold water” on a border security agreement among lawmakers. “There is,” he said. President Trump said on Truth Social: “I just don't think we should have a border agreement unless we have everything […]

Fans Slam Martyrdom Band For Throwing Pig’s Head In Crowd

Fans condemned black metal band Martyrdom after a pig's head was thrown during Friday's concert at the White Swan in Houston, Texas. The severed head was thrown into the back of the crowd during the band's live performance, immediately sparking a backlash on social media. Shortly after, the band issued a statement saying, “We are […]

Florida police impose old-fashioned punishment on teens caught throwing eggs

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