JetBlue quietly hikes ‘atrocious’ checked-baggage fees

JetBlue Airways quietly increased its baggage screening fees, sparking outrage on social media from passengers who branded the move a greedy money grab.

The New York-based airline currently charges travelers $45 for the first standard-sized bag checked within 24 hours of departure and $60 for the second bag.

JetBlue is offering a $10 discount to early passengers. The first checked bag is $35 and the second is $50 if paid at least one day before departure.

JetBlue Airways has raised the price of checked baggage in an effort to boost profits. Travelers receive a $10 discount when they pay for checked baggage more than 24 hours before departure. Getty Images

Previously, it would have cost $35 to check one bag with the airline, regardless of timing, and $45 more for the second.

This change was not widely communicated by JetBlue. Rather, the airline secretly updated the “baggage information.” Websitethe fine print says the price increase went into effect on February 1st.

The sneaky change sparked outrage from passengers on social media. One of the passengers was named Yau. called The increased baggage fees are “terrible”.

“Rising inflation and greed,” the hacked customer added of the new pricing model.

“@JetBlue has changed all of the policies that made me a loyal customer. I’m tired of the confusion!” Another furious customer I have written.

Earlier this month, travelers visited X, confused by the cost of checking their luggage. “@JetBlue I went to add my checked bag. My flight is less than a month away and it costs $35. I thought it was $30???” 1 user I have written.

JetBlue did not announce this change, but rather quietly updated its website to announce the price increase, which went into effect on February 1st. Corbis via Getty Images

JetBlue Airways first raised its checked bag fee to $30 in 2018. Less than 18 months later, the company raised prices again, and by January 2020, the fee for a single checked bag was $35.

JetBlue told the Post that the increase in baggage fees is “a step toward returning the company to profitability and covering the increased costs of transporting baggage.”

Price increases have been reported for some time, but point guyDoes not apply to JetBlue’s transatlantic flights, which have their own fare schedule.

“Rising wages, rising fuel costs and other inflationary pressures have significantly increased the cost of doing business, and we remain unprofitable since COVID-19.”

JetBlue has recently increased prices for its priority seats, which include seats with extra legroom, as well as window and aisle seats at the front of the plane and in exit rows. Daniel Abram –

“By adjusting the price of additional services that only certain customers use, we can keep base fares low and make customer favorites like seatback TVs and high-speed Wi-Fi available to everyone for free. ,” the airline added.

Additionally, JetBlue Mosaic Elite customers and customers traveling in Mint Business Class will continue to receive two checked bags for free, and customers with JetBlue Plus cards will also continue to receive their first checked bag for free. He said he could.

JetBlue Airways’ new checked bag fees are just the latest ancillary fee increase by the airline.

The company started charging priority seat fees earlier this year. The initiative, called Core Preferred, offers higher prices for aisle and window seats in advantageous positions on the plane, such as in the front and exit rows.

According to The Points Guy, reservation prices for JetBlue’s so-called “Even More Space” seats with more legroom also changed late last year as part of a dynamic pricing algorithm based on factors such as route and demand. The price was said to have been raised.

JetBlue and Spirit were the two airlines to lose money in 2023 as larger competitors reported higher profits.

However, despite offering $3.8 billion to acquire ultra-low-cost airline Spirit, JetBlue claims that its recent cost-cutting plans will bring it “close to breakeven” in 2024. The move was blocked by a federal judge last month.

JetBlue and Spirit are appealing the decision, which would have created the nation’s fifth-largest airline.

The company also recently announced changes to its executive ranks. As of Monday, former president and chief operating officer Joanna Geraghty replaced Robin Hayes as CEO.

American Airlines also made headlines this week for increasing its baggage fees.

The Forth Worth, Texas-based airline announced Tuesday that the cost of checking a bag on domestic flights will increase from $30 to $35 online, and $40 if purchased at the airport.

American Airlines announced this week that it will increase the price of checked bags on domestic flights from $30 to $35 online, and to $40 if purchased at the airport. AP

The price for a second checked bag will increase from $40 to $45 both online and at the airport.

The airline is also increasing baggage fees by $5 on short-haul international flights, including to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, so the first bag now costs $35 and the second bag costs $45.

American Airlines last raised baggage fees in 2018, after introducing them in 2008 to deal with soaring jet fuel prices. At the time, the fee for checking baggage was only $15.

Since then, they have become a steady source of revenue for most major U.S. carriers. American Airlines easily led the industry, raising $1.4 billion in baggage fees in 2022, the last year for which Department of Transportation statistics are available.



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