Jill Biden faces social media scrutiny after unfortunate ‘Hunter High’ signage at speaking event

First lady Jill Biden's political vanguard team was ridiculed on social media after she appeared to speak at Hunter High School, a local high school in Utah.

The first lady, who was in the Beehive State to attend a fundraiser for President Biden, stopped by a school in West Valley City, southwest of Salt Lake City, to visit with teachers and hear the school choir perform. During her visit, Biden, a former teacher of more than 30 years, spoke about the value of her education and the importance of educators.

But observers on social media were distracted during her remarks by the rather unfortunate placement of a “Hunter High” sign, a reminder of son Hunter Biden's battle with drug addiction. .

“Jill Biden trying to distract from comments about Hunter's drug abuse and ending up under a giant banner that says 'Hunter High' is right out of an episode of VEEP.” writes Angela Morabito, a spokeswoman for the Freedom Defense Institute. Posted by X.

“You can't make something like this up,” said Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.. “Jill Biden speaks at a school called 'Hunter High School.' Aptly named!”

Hunter Biden's past drug abuse is well documented. His 2018 memoir, Beautiful Things, details his struggle with addiction.

First Lady Jill Biden was ridiculed for showing up at a high school surrounded by signs that read 'Hunter High,' but social media users unintentionally referenced Hunter Biden's drug problem . AP

The eldest son is currently in the middle of a legal battle over federal firearms charges filed in October in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. Prosecutors argued that Biden lied about drug use on a gun purchase form in October 2018.

He has admitted that he was struggling with a crack cocaine addiction during the same period in 2018, but his lawyers insist he broke no laws. Hunter Biden has since said he has stopped using drugs and is working to turn his life around.

Hunter Biden's lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the firearms charges, but prosecutors fired back Tuesday, arguing the evidence against Biden was “overwhelming.” Investigators say they found cocaine residue in a brown leather pouch that Hunter Biden used to store his gun.

Jill Biden's son-in-law Hunter is currently recovering from a cocaine addiction. AP

Mr. Biden has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

But the courtroom drama added irony to the appearance at Hunter High School by Jill Biden, who defended Hunter from Republican criticism in a recent MSNBC appearance.

“I think what they're doing to Hunter is cruel. And I'm really proud of Hunter for rebuilding his life after his addiction,” Jill Biden said on MSNBC host told Mika Brzezinski. “I love my son, but it's hurting my grandchildren. That's what I'm so worried about. It's affecting their lives too.”

Jill recently criticized the Republican's treatment of her son-in-law Hunter, calling it “cruel.” AP

Days after her remarks, social media users criticized the background of Utah's “Hunter High” sign as disgusting.

“The White House advance staff who organized the Jill Biden event with signs like this should be given an award,” Molly Hemingway of The Federalist posted on X.

“As someone who has done a lot of 'progressive' work in politics, I'm really curious about who messed up and approved this podium sign.” [First Lady Jill Biden]'' said William J. Smith, a New Jersey-based strategic communications expert.

“Either that or they’re trolling us.”

Fox News Digital's Greg Wehner contributed to this report.



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