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Joy Reid ROASTED for finally dumping her ‘Trump haircut’

Fearless’ Jason Whitlock recently made an interesting observation about Joy Reid, and it seems the MSNBC anchor has noticed.

Whitlock pointed out that while Reid and Jemele Hill constantly criticize white women, most recently WNBA star Kaitlyn Clark, they also seem to put in a lot of effort to look like white women.

While Hill had long blonde braids, Reid had a short, boyish strawberry blonde cut that has since been dubbed the “Trump haircut.”

“Here we have two black women dressed as white women to sell on TV. This is a fact. Look at the fake hair they have. They’re trying to fit some standard. They’re trying to look like white women to sell on TV,” Whitlock said.

Following Whitlock’s criticism, Reid appears to have done something about his hairstyle.

“Joy Reid cut my hair,” Whitlock says triumphantly.

“She has removed her wig and either cut her hair or revealed what little natural hair remains,” he added.

“I actually love the new look,” Shemeka Michelle chimes in. “I’m tired of black women saying they’re looked up to by white women, yet they have hair like white women.”

“I was tired of seeing Joy Reid and her Trump-inspired hairstyle,” she added.

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