Kirk Cousins and KJ Osborn are dance partners on and off the field

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​and wide receiver KJ Osborne always seem to get along well. Whether it’s crushing defenses in the air or helping Cousins ​​learn new dance moves, the two are constantly pushing each other to improve. Despite Minnesota’s slippage early in the season, starting 0-3, Cousins ​​and Osborne shared the belief that the offense was a few steps away from playing at the level they knew they could reach. . This led to an upset win over the San Francisco 49ers, and the best football of Cousins’ career before an Achilles injury abruptly ended his season.

I spoke with Cousins ​​and Osborne on Radio Row to ask them about Disney, dance, and communication in the movie. Thanks to our friends at Bounty.

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One thing I noticed about the Vikings’ offense is the amount of routes Cousins ​​and Osborne have connected and the choice to dig up the middle. So naturally, I asked about their chemistry and what Cousins ​​likes and dislikes when it comes to throwing passes. Cousins ​​said he’s a “window” passer, meaning that when he’s targeting players like Osborne over the middle of the field, he stops in the window instead of continuing to attack by driving into traffic. He will instruct them and find them. Life on the offensive side is difficult.

When asked about running selection routes and how he reads them, Osborne said it comes from studying film throughout the week and knowing what kind of impact the defenders are playing with. I answered. Cousins ​​added that if Osborn is going the option route, he knows what Osborn wants to do and he will try to bring him in at the most advantageous opportunity.

Oh yeah, we also talked about Disney and dancing. Let’s celebrate the greatness of Kirk and his K.J.



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