Laura Ingraham calls out Democrats’ ‘flagging campaign’ against Justice Alito

Fox News host Laura Ingraham delivered a scathing critique of the Biden campaign’s tactics as the presidential election nears.Ingram’s Viewpoint

Laura Ingraham: Whatever they do, it’s not going to work. Biden’s numbers are the worst on the economy, inflation, and immigration. Voters say they trust Trump more than the incompetent incumbent president.

MSNBC host challenges Biden aide over De Niro’s bizarre press conference: ‘It just doesn’t seem right’

Their focus on abortion has not garnered any support, nor have their claims about January 6th. After all, no one except Robert De Niro and his ilk believes democracy is in danger or that Trump is a dictator.

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Now that the Trump trial has rebounded on them, I think all the Democrats and their media spokespeople can do is try again what failed. A slightly altered storyNow, let’s move on to the left’s fake Flaggate story after the New York Times published a second attack piece last week. Justice Alito A flag that resembles the historic “Appeal to Heaven” flag flies outside his house.