Levin to Trump’s attorneys: Next stop? The Supreme Court!

in Bush v. GoreIn 1960, the United States Supreme Court intervened in a Florida Supreme Court case because the court had made sudden changes to the state’s voting system that violated the equal protection rights of Florida voters and had established new standards for deciding presidential elections.

A Manhattan court has handed down an even more damning ruling in a farcical “hush money” case. Federal Jurisdiction This case (related to the Federal Election Campaign Act) did not occur despite the fact that the federal agencies with authority to enforce the Federal Election Campaign Act, namely the Federal Election Commission and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, declined to bring charges.

I urge his attorneys to file an emergency appeal to the United States Supreme Court on the following grounds: Bush v. Gore.

Judge Juan Marchand is conflicted: His daughter, Lauren, has raised tens of millions of dollars for Democratic clients.

Collateral evidence They exist in abundance (and have no probative value).

The elements of the alleged federal violations have never been clearly explained by states or courts.

Imposing a gag order on a defendant, a future Republican presidential candidate, in the middle of a national election campaign raises all sorts of First Amendment questions, issues and concerns.

Moreover, if the state court truly believed this lawsuit had any merit, it could have easily avoided influencing or interfering with a federal presidential election by simply delaying the litigation. After all, the state waited years to file suit.

Thus, this state’s courts’ deliberate interference in a federal presidential election without authority or jurisdiction not only violates the equal protection rights of the federal Constitution, but also the federal constitutionally protected due process rights of future Republican presidential candidates.

Moreover, voters will determine the outcome of a federal election without state court interference attempting to influence the outcome. If President Trump is found guilty of any of the 34 charges, I will urge his lawyers to file an emergency appeal to the United States Supreme Court, based, at least in large part, on the following grounds: Bush v. Gore.