Lincoln Riley’s Compensation From USC Has Been Revealed, And Holy Moly, Is This Guy Getting Paid

Palm trees and millions of dollars!

When it comes to relocating from Oklahoma to California, many of us would make that move (this is, of course, assuming we can afford the taxes), so it wasn’t the most shocking news in the world when Lincoln Riley left the Sooners for USC. And it’s even less surprising when you find out how much the Trojans are paying him, which has recently been revealed. Buddy is getting paid!

The university filed federal tax returns that were obtained by the Los Angeles Times, and they show Riley’s employer paying him a boat load of money. (RELATED: We Officially Know When EA Sports’ ‘College Football 25’ Is Releasing (And What The Cover Is To Boot)

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From July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023, USC paid Riley a whopping $19.7 million in total compensation, according to the LA Times. In the 2022 season, the comp featured more than $10 million in both salary and benefits (derived from the original $19.7 million).

Definitely a big difference from his $7.81 million to live in … *swallows* … Norman. (Ew)

Talk about winning in life … my man is out here getting paid royally to live around palm trees. And just imagine if he does end up bringing a national championship to USC. He’d be set forever, not just as a legend with the college, but in Los Angeles period.

I actually wanna see that happen. Get ’em, Linc!

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