Donte DiVincenzo blasts Pacers’ tough guy act: ‘Not their identity’

Donte DiVincenzo thinks the Pacers are Fugazi. DiVincenzo and Indiana’s Myles Turner came on in the third quarter of Game 5, where the Knicks defeated the Pacers 121-91 in a physically demanding and at times tough Eastern Conference semifinal series. was forced to. Then, even if the Pacers’ pride had already been tarnished, DiVincenzo took […]

‘Guy Who Sh*ts His Pants?’: Aaron Rodgers, Tucker Carlson Clown Biden’s Mental Fitness

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers roasted President Joe Biden’s mental faculties in a sit-down interview with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson released Tuesday. The pair were speculating on the increasing absurdity of politics in America when Carlson suggested the political elite may be intentionally pushing the population to test them. Aaron Rodgers — […]

After ‘Fall Guy’ flop, Hollywood braces for uncertain summer

A year after the cultural frenzy of “Barbenheimer,” which brought in hundreds of millions of dollars for Hollywood, the movie-making business is heading into summer, with no clear blockbuster on the horizon and questions about the future of movie theaters lingering. . For many box office watchers, Universal’s “The Fall Guy” is the potential boost […]

Trump ‘Is a Very Dangerous Guy,’ He Shouldn’t Be Anywhere Near the White House

Former Trump administration communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Friday on CNN’s “The Read” that former President Donald Trump is a “very dangerous person” who should not be near the White House. Anchor Jake Tapper said, “You recently called Trump the most un-American presidential candidate in the history of the United States. It’s clear that you […]

Nice Guy Garvey Could Win in California

Those of us old enough, remember when California, especially southern California, was a hotbed of Conservativism. Those days are long gone and even thinking of a Republican Senator from what was once “the Golden State” seems about as likely a pack rat learning to play the fiddle. However, the candidacy of Steve Garvey in California […]

Lack of Blockbusters, Disappointing ‘Fall Guy’ Opening

There will be no Babenheimer to save Hollywood this summer. Facing a sluggish start due to a lack of buzzy blockbusters and a disappointing opening for Universal Pictures fall guy, starring Ryan Gosling, looks like the summer of 2024 will be a long and difficult struggle at the box office. It has been steadily profitable […]