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LIV Golf’s Lee Westwood calls for golf’s war to end ahead of U.S. Senior Open debut

Englishman Lee Westwood is fed up with the current division surrounding professional golf as the PGA Tour seeks to strike a deal with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), a beneficiary of LIV Golf.

Westwood wants to see the best players playing side by side in any tournament, not just the major leagues.

“No matter what level of golf it is, if you don’t have the best players at all levels coming together to play, there’s only one loser, and that’s the fans watching,” Westwood said Tuesday ahead of his U.S. Senior Open debut.

“We need to figure out a way to get our best players playing against each other more often.”

As a result of the split between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, the four majors have become even more important. Unlike regular tour events, LIV Golf players can play in the Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open and British Open, meaning fans only get to see the top players compete side-by-side four times a year.

LIV has enjoyed success in recent majors, with four of the last eight major winners currently playing on the Saudi Arabia-sponsored circuit – see Bryson DeChambeau, who won his most recent major at Pinehurst II.

“If you look at the U.S. Open two weeks ago, the Masters and the PGA Championship, people are happy with what Bryson is doing. [DeChambeau] Or Cam [Smith] Or Jon Rahm will come in and play in some of those big events,” Westwood said.

Lee Westwood of LIV Golf Nashville;
Photo: Brian Lynn/Getty Images

“Basically it’s about all the best players coming together in one tournament and competing against each other and that’s what you want at the highest level. You want all the best players to be there.”

This week’s Senior U.S. Open will feature two LIV golfers: Richard Bland, who won last month’s Senior PGA Championship, and Westwood.

Westwood qualified for this week’s U.S. Senior Open because he played on recent Ryder Cup teams. He represented Team Europe at Whistling Straits in 2021, winning one point. That year, the U.S. team beat Team Europe, 19-9.

Less than a year later, Westwood joined LIV Golf where he hasn’t had much success, but thanks to his recent performance, which included a LIV Golf career-best finish of a tie for third place at LIV Golf Nashville, Westwood will tee off with plenty of confidence this week at Newport Country Club.

“I played at LIV Houston three weeks ago and my swing was starting to get better and my whole game was starting to come together. Then I went home and worked on it a little bit. I may not have worked on my game as hard as I would have liked, but I worked on it a little bit more during my off week,” Westwood explained.

“My putting was good last week. I’ve had more playing time so I’ve been able to work on my short game and my game is in a really good place. I played well on the final day so that was good. I wasn’t able to go all the way through the tournament but I enjoyed the last four holes and finishing the tournament strong gives me a lot of confidence going into this week.”

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