Longtime caretaker ‘jealously manipulated’ NYC billionaire Allan Goldman before letting him die alone in Russia so she could pocket $2M inheritance: suit

The longtime caretaker of a sickly Manhattan real estate billionaire “jealously manipulated” him into obtaining her $2 million inheritance, then took him to Russia and corrupted him, according to a complaint. It is said that he let it happen.

tragic death of Alan H. Goldman The Jan. 15, 2022, incident occurred after Natalia Vostrykova allegedly siphoned off a total of $8.2 million in assets over the course of several years, his family claimed in court documents.

According to the Nassau Supreme Court lawsuit filed by Mr. Goldman’s eldest son, Stephen Gurney-Goldman, Mr. Goldman died of multiple organ failure at age 78 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was said to be in a “severely deteriorating” condition. Executor of Alan’s estate.

Goldman’s children accuse Vostrykova of taking their father to Russia and leaving him without medical treatment or basic care for months. Provided by Joe Ruback

He was worth at least $1 billion thanks to his father, Sol Goldman, who once counted the Chrysler Building among his vast real estate portfolio. Alan Goldman was helping oversee his family business, Sorir Management, with his sister Jane even before his health started failing, but Jane is currently involved in a legal battle with Alan’s children. I’m caught up in it.

An autopsy report included in the ongoing legal battle against Vostrykova said Goldman had been receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic for years and was in a wheelchair, but as of May 2020 she was in good health. was said to be in good condition.

Ms. Vostrykova, 71, has worked at Goldman for decades, starting in the early 1990s as a nanny to two children, then working as a housekeeper before becoming a manager for her boss, who battles a progressive neurological disorder that causes tremors and muscles. She became a full-time caregiver. Hardness.

She allegedly “manipulated and tightly controlled her access to Mr. Goldman out of jealousy” for years before 2018, when Goldman created an estate plan that left her a generous gift. His children dispute the charges in court documents.

After learning of the huge payout, Ms Vostrykova refused to leave anyone alone with her wealthy benefactor, offered her medication and even began denying that she had Parkinson’s disease, before her death in July 2021. He is said to have fled to Russia, where he booked a room at a luxury hotel. The five-star Balchug he Kempinski Hotel, his children said.

Alan Goldman’s ex-wife claimed in an affidavit that he and Vostrykova had been in a romantic relationship for years. Provided by Joe Ruback

She claimed that Mr. Goldman received medical care in Russia not available in other countries, but instead Mr. Vostrykova cruelly left her longtime employer, a hotel. The hotel room costs 17,100 rubles a night, or about $231, but she spent “tens of thousands of dollars.” she wrote on her American Express card, and she “bragged that Mr. Goldman’s money enriched her life.”

Vostrykova reportedly neglected to properly feed and bathe Goldman for more than five months and did not move her stiff, bedridden body, causing an infection to develop in at least one area so severe that bones were exposed. I had a large pressure ulcer. According to court documents.

During that time, she lost 50 pounds and when one of her children managed to answer the phone, she could barely speak.

“I need you,” Goldman said Vostrykova told her before she hung up.

When the children asked her questions and said she was arranging visas to pick him up, she mocked them as “selfish children,” they said in legal filings. Ta.

In January 2022, Vostrykova finally had a doctor examine Goldman. Her doctor advised her to be admitted to a Moscow hospital, but she allegedly did not want to pay for admitting him to the facility. Instead, she drove the critically ill man alone more than 400 miles north to a hospital in St. Petersburg, where he died the day after his arrival, her family said in court documents.

Ms. Vostrykova had worked at Goldman since the early 1990s. Provided by Joe Ruback

After Goldman’s death, his children discovered that Vostrykova, who was earning $120,000 a year, had been siphoning off his funds. That included a $1.8 million purchase for a five-bedroom, four-bathroom, heated 5,426-square-foot home in luxury Bayville. an in-ground pool and a cabana, they said in the lawsuit against her.

Vostrykova denied the allegations in her own court papers and accused Goldman’s children of defamation.

“That’s a lot of lies,” Vostrykova told the Post, describing herself as Goldman’s “wife.”

Goldman’s ex-wife, Susan, claimed that Alan and Vostrykova were in a romantic relationship for about 15 to 20 years starting in 2007, and that Vostrykova took Alan to Russia for stem cell treatment, but Goldman’s daughter claims that was not the case. denied.

“My father did not believe that Natasha cared about him.” According to the nurse’s notes, my father told the nurse that Natasha pretended to care about him, but that “I told him it was better than no pretense,” Stephanie Goldman said in legal documents, adding that she did not believe he had the cognitive capacity to make most decisions. , including financial ones, much less have the cognitive or physical capacity to sign or approve a check.
It is said that it was issued to Natasha. ”



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