Madrid apartment cameras captured Florida man carrying suitcase from missing wife’s apartment: docs

David Knezevich, the Florida man charged with kidnapping his estranged wife while she was in Spain, was carrying what appeared to be a suitcase the night her wife disappeared in February, according to federal court documents. He is said to have left the apartment.

Ana Maria Knezevic, 40, was last seen entering her apartment in Madrid on February 2 at around 2:20 p.m. Hours later, security cameras recorded a man who appeared to have similar characteristics to Knezevic entering the building wearing a motorcycle helmet. FBI agents said in her affidavit that around 9:30 p.m., she was in possession of a spray can that she “used to disable” surveillance cameras.

“The lens was not fully concealed and the male was seen applying duct tape to the building’s entrance lock to prevent it from locking to allow subsequent entry,” the affidavit states. It is stated that. “What’s remarkable is that this man, who is looking directly into the camera, has similar physical characteristics to Knezevic. Around 10:30 p.m., a man stepped out of the elevator carrying what appeared to be a suitcase. You can see where it’s coming from.”

Ana’s loved ones reported her missing shortly after she was last seen, after she failed to attend a trip to Barcelona she had planned with friends. When Spanish firefighters arrived at Ana’s apartment on February 4, she was nowhere to be found.

David Knezevic, 36, was arrested at Miami International Airport on Monday in connection with his wife’s disappearance, Spain’s Interpol Politía Nacional said.

Husband of Ana Knezevic, Florida woman who disappeared in Spain, arrested at Miami International Airport

A sign for Colombian-born missing American Ana Maria Knezevic hangs on a lamppost in Madrid on February 16, 2024. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandes)

Sanna Rameau, a friend from Florida, told Fox News Digital that she received a strange email from Anna on February 3 and thought it was her friend. “It was taken against her will.”

“I met a wonderful person!” reads a translated version of a WhatsApp message sent in Spanish. “He has a summer house that’s about 2 years old. [hours] Born in Madrid. We are going there now and plan to spend a few days there. The signal is unstable. I’ll call you when I get back. ”

Husband of missing Florida woman in Spain denies involvement, claims ‘terrible’ divorce

Spain America Missing Americans

This screenshot image provided by Sanna Rameau shows a text message thread between Ana Maria Knezevic and Rameau on February 3, 2024. Spanish police are searching for Miss Knezevic, a Colombian-American woman who went missing in Spain. (Sanna Rameau, via AP)

A second message to Rameau: “Yesterday, after therapy, when I needed a walk, he called out to me on the street! It’s a great connection. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. ” is written.

Through the investigation, the FBI discovered that a Colombian woman who met David on a dating app received a message from David on WhatsApp on February 3rd, in which she wrote in English the same text that Ana had sent to Sanna: “Perfect Colombian.” It turns out that he received a message asking him to translate and tell the woman about himself. He had a writer friend in Serbia who was “writing a screenplay about a Colombian character,” the FBI agent wrote.

Missing Florida woman in Spain ‘taken against her will’ caught on spray-painted security camera by man: friend

Ana Maria Knezevic

Ana Maria Knezevic, 40, of Fort Lauderdale, disappeared from her apartment in Madrid on February 2nd. (Sanna Rameau)

At one point during the communication, the Colombian woman told her mother about David, and her mother looked him up on Google. Search results revealed that David’s wife was missing, and the Colombian woman soon “discovered a news article containing a message purportedly from…” [David] Knezevic’s wife matched the wording of the text exactly with her [David] Mr. Knezevic summarized it on February 3, 2023.

Law enforcement also determined that David rented a car in his native Serbia in January and drove it to Spain before returning home in March.

Friend of American woman who disappeared after sending strange messages in Spain speaks out: ‘Very, very strange’

Spain America Missing Americans

This undated image provided by Sanna Rameau shows a surveillance camera in the building where Ana Maria Knezevic was staying in Madrid covered in paint. Spanish police are searching for Colombian-American woman Knezevic, who suddenly went missing in Madrid. (Sanna Rameau, via AP)

“The owner of the rental car company informed the rental car company that when Knezevic returned the vehicle, the windows had been tinted, the license plate frame had been changed, and two stickers had been removed from the vehicle,” the affidavit states. “I found it and reported it to the police.” .

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Spanish police have learned that the new license plate was stolen from the same street where Anna’s apartment is located.

Ana Maria Knezevic and David Knezevic

Sanna Rameau described David and Ana Knezevic as a “successful couple” who were married for 13 years before deciding to separate last summer. (Sanna Rameau)

Spanish law enforcement authorities were also able to identify the brand of spray paint that David allegedly used to black out surveillance cameras in Ana’s building, and that a man believed to be Knezevic sprayed paint at a store in Madrid. He obtained the footage for purchase, the affidavit states. .


In March, a woman who identified herself as Anna called her insurance company and canceled the insurance policy she and David co-owned. Together they owned her IT company and real estate in South Florida. The following month, one of David’s employees admitted impersonating the victim in response to David’s request to open a new bank account in Ana’s name using Ana’s Social Security number.

David and Anna went through a contentious divorce, with law enforcement claiming that David did not want to split assets equally with Anna. David’s attorney, Ken Padowitz, said David had not made any statements as of this article’s publication.