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Maher, Fetterman at odds over Biden’s chances against Trump in November

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) and late-night TV host Bill Maher disagreed on whether President Biden can win re-election on Maher’s show on Friday.

“He actually [former President Trump] In the election, Fetterman Said In a clip shared by Mediaite, Biden was heard on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” when the host asked him whether Biden was “the best person to endorse” for the Democratic Party.

Fetterman later added that he thinks Biden is “the only Democrat who can win.”

“I believe Joe Biden has the ability to win,” Fetterman told Maher, “and we have a great — a great team, but I think this is a very unique situation.”

Maher said afterwards that he was “surprised by this” but would “move on.”

“We disagree on that point, but that’s OK,” Maher said. “It’s probably going to be Joe Biden, and I’ll vote for him.”

The Pennsylvania Democrat was a staunch defender of Biden ahead of this year’s presidential election, even telling some in his own party who have stepped up their criticism of the president ahead of November that they would be better off wearing a “MAGA hat.”

“I don’t understand why,” Fetterman said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “I don’t know if you’re just clout-chasing or you want to be in the news or anything like that, what do you gain from doing that? But if you’re not going to support the president right now and say these things, you might as well put on your MAGA hat, because you’re helping Trump with this.”

In an earlier interview with MSNBC, Fetterman said Biden “is going to win here in Pennsylvania, and I’ve always believed that whoever wins Pennsylvania is going to be the next president.”

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