Maher warns liberals about being the ideological ‘gas pedal’ in politics: ‘Not if we’re driving off a cliff’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher declared on Friday night that Canada is a “cautionary tale” for the United States, and leftists say pushing for “woke” policies could lead to the election of former President Trump. He ended the show with a warning. Mr. Maher once warned liberals: “In politics, it’s said that liberals are the accelerator and conservatives are the brakes. And I’m usually on the accelerator, but not when I’m falling off a cliff.”

“If we want to save our country, we should follow the advice good liberals have given us over the decades and learn from other countries, especially the progressive pioneers like Canada, Britain and Scandinavia,” the host said in a monologue. he said as he started. “As long as we’re honest about the lessons we’ve learned and have the most up-to-date data, I agree that we should do that.”

Maher compared Canada and the United States, showing how their neighbors to the north have higher unemployment rates and many cities with higher levels of air pollution.

“Canada is the Statue of Liberty with low-maintenance haircuts and cross-country skiing, and a giant idealized blue sky with single-payer health care, gun control, and abortion on polite request.” It was a nation. Canada was a place where you woke up and saw all these white college students in pajama pants.” Outdoor enthusiasts who have endured America’s racist patriarchy so much have no hope of living one day. I was dreaming of That is, outside of Gaza,” Maher said jokingly.

“There’s just one problem with thinking that everything is getting better in Canada. It’s not. It’s not like that anymore anyway. Last year, Canada added 1.3 million people in a year; is the equivalent of the U.S. adding 11 million immigrants in one year.” And now they face an even worse housing crisis than the rest of us…The median home price here is $346,000. Converts to USD 487 in Canada. If Barbie moves to Winnipeg, she won’t be able to afford her dream home and Ken will end up working at Tim Hortons. ”

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“Real Time” host Bill Maher declared Canada a “cautionary tale” for the United States heading into the 2024 election. (Screenshot/HBO)

He added, “Because of mortgage debt, Canada has the highest debt-to-GDP ratio of any G7 country, and our vaunted health care system…ranks last among high-income countries, with little to no access to primary health care.” “Access to medical care and the ability to receive health checkups are also low.” I’ll go to the doctor in a day or two. And it’s not because of a lack of spending. Of the 30 countries with universal health care, Canada spends more than 13% of its economy on universal health care, which is a lot of money spent on free health care. Look, I’m not saying Canada isn’t still a great country, but it’s not a paradise number. ”

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The HBO host then addressed Canada directly.

“Honestly, Canada, I’m not saying this because I enjoy it. I don’t say it because I always enjoy you guys. But I’m saying this about you as a lesson to help my country. And the moral of the story is yes, it’s okay to go too far to the left,” Maher told The Nation. “That ends up pushing centrists to the right. The worst candidate is what American voters think is what happens when no one checks the extreme wokeness.”

Prime Minister Trudeau/Canada

Maher blamed Canada, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for its high cost of living and weak health care system. (Getty Images)

Maher pointed to the bizarre story of Kayla Lemieux, a Canadian shop teacher who became an international sensation for teaching classes wearing giant Z-cup prosthetic breasts. At the time, the school defended Lemieux, saying she was “committed to a safe and inclusive environment.” [for] Gender expression. ”

“Is it safe for whom? What about the children?” Maher responded.

“And this is why people vote for Trump,” he later told the audience. “In politics, it’s often said that liberals are the gas pedal and conservatives are the brakes. I usually press the gas pedal, but not when I’m driving off a cliff. Transgender Issues When it comes to, America is not an “and,” “if,” or “no.” But for that matter, it is now the only remote country in the world. ”

The presenter continued: “Last month, England’s National Health Service announced that there was not enough evidence to support the safety or clinical effectiveness of puberty blockers in third graders and that they would stop groping children’s private parts.” … So that, and all other good countries, are directly opposed to America’s choice to affirm a child’s desire to change gender, regardless of age or psychiatric history. Yes and no. This doesn’t work anymore.”

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Kayla Lemieux-3

Marr joked that Kayla Lemieux’s pronouns are “she, her, and them.” ((Screengrab/FOX))


Focusing on immigration, he said Sweden had opened its borders to “more than 1.5 million immigrants since 2010”, resulting in “20%” of its citizens being foreign-born and introducing a “tank” education system. , said it had the “highest gang membership” in Europe. murder. ”

“One of the consequences is that for the first time a far-right party has joined the government, while liberals say it is racist to blame immigrants for rising crime rates. Yes, but is it true? Of course it is. It’s not unreasonable. It’s just a coincidence that the quality of life has gone down ever since Somali gangs started drug turf wars with grenades. “Calling someone a speciesist doesn’t solve the problem. You’re handing over future elections to someone who will solve the problem, but you won’t go to that person to be likeable,” Maher said. concluded while showing an image of President Trump.

FOX News’ Gabriel Hayes contributed to this report.