Man Crashes Stage At British Academy Film Awards, Prompting Execs To Investigate Security Breach

A social media prankster stormed the stage at the BAFTAs on Sunday, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Oppenheimer’s cast and crew, seemingly unnoticed by those on stage. is.

As Christopher Nolan, Cillian Murphy and the Oppenheimer team took to the stage at the Royal Festival Hall to accept their awards, the alleged YouTuber swayed back and forth while standing in the middle of the group. Ta. Although he was visible in every camera shot, he was unknown to anyone on stage, raising serious questions about security. BAFTA is currently investigating this issue.

Oppenheimer producer Emma Thomas urged the entire cast to join those already on stage, saying: Come on, everyone! ”

The mischievous kid seized the moment.

The man who crashed the stage seemed prepared for the occasion. He wore a full suit, a narrow black tie, and accessorized his outfit with a brown hat. He blended in well enough to walk up the stairs without raising any immediate red flags, standing casually among the stars of “Oppenheimer,” who won the Best Film award.

Henry Nichols/AFP via Getty Images

While most pranksters quickly walk across the stage or across the screen to get a few seconds of fame, this guy stayed on course and remained in his position until the end of his team’s acceptance speech.

A BAFTA spokesperson commented on this serious security breach.

“A social media prankster was removed by security last night after taking to the stage with the final award winners. We take this very seriously and will not be commenting further. He doesn’t want the public to know about it,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying. deadline.

The unidentified man does not appear to have shared the footage to his social media accounts, and his identity remains a mystery. (Related: Cillian Murphy launches ‘Big Things Films’)

BAFTA did not say what it is doing to prevent something like this from happening again or how it plans to respond to Sunday’s prank.



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