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Man Wins $3 Million at Singapore Casino, Immediately Suffers Heart Attack

A man suffered a heart attack after winning S$4 million (US$2.95 million) at a Singapore casino but is expected to recover, according to reports.

A video of a man lying on the floor of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Casino has been posted to social media and is reportedly going viral. report by International Business Times.

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The unidentified man reportedly got too excited about winning $3 million and went into cardiac arrest at the casino while staff and paramedics tried to resuscitate him amid screams and yells from other patrons.

While many on social media have claimed the man died at the casino, it has been reported that the gambler has since been taken to hospital and is “recovering and expected to enjoy his wealth once he is fully recovered.” report From casino.org.

Some on social media questioned whether casinos are still obligated to pay out jackpots if a gambler dies after winning but before collecting their winnings.

“Casino games are a contract, and believe it or not, death doesn’t change that contract,” one commenter, identified by casino.org as an attorney, explained in response to the 2019 comment. Reddit postHe added that in the United States, prize money is paid to the next of kin of winners who have passed away.

“If you die before the slot machine stops spinning, your (estate) may still be entitled to any winnings,” the lawyer said. “Like any other contract, the benefits of the contract pass to the estate, and the estate will be distributed according to the deceased person’s will.”

Notably, Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Casino is owned and operated by Las Vegas Sands.

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