Massachusetts son killed father he thought was ‘possessed’ in baptism-style execution

A Massachusetts man allegedly drowned his banker father in a pond during a baptismal execution three years ago, believing his father to be possessed.

Jack Callahan, 22, went on trial last week for the violent crime and is accused of killing his father, Scott Callahan, a senior vice president at Texas Capital Bank, in June 2021.

The younger Callahan, who was 19 at the time, said his father struggled with alcoholism and had to be picked up by Uber after suspecting the older Callahan was drinking at a Boston bar. He claimed that there was no such thing.

On his way back to his home in Duxbury, Jack Callahan asked the driver to drop him off at Island Creek Pond so he could take a late-night smoke break, but an argument broke out between father and son.

Jack Callahan, who is accused of killing his father in 2021, will appear in his murder trial on April 17, 2024. Greg Darr/Patriot Ledger/USA TODAY NETWORK

“The victim indicated that he had punched him in the face,” Plymouth Assistant District Attorney Shanann Buckingham said at Callahan’s arraignment in 2021. According to

Jack Callahan told police he believed his father was possessed by a demon known as “Dirty Dan” and believed he could exorcise the demon by repeatedly immersing him in water.

“He went on to state that during the incident at the pond, he believed he was baptizing his father. He stated that he held his father face up in the pond like a baby.” said Buckingham.

Callahan allegedly dunked the father’s head in water four to eight times, then the older man started coughing and choking and his son pulled him out of the water.

Jack Callaghan, second from the left, told police he believed his father (center) was possessed by a demon called “Dirty Dan” and that he could exorcise the demon by repeatedly immersing him in water. He said he believed it. Wendy Callahan / Facebook

“He raised his head and when his father started fighting and hitting him, he pushed his head back into the water. He did so until his father could no longer struggle or float,” the district attorney said at the time.

Police found the young Callahan “agitated and distraught” and at times hyperventilated so much that he passed out.

Scott Callahan was pronounced dead at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth.

Police search Island Creek Pond at Crooker Memorial Park following suspected murder in 2021. WCVB

Jack Callahan was arrested and charged with murder.

He has since pleaded not guilty.