Mayor Eric Adams meets Pope Francis in Vatican City

Vatican City — Hizzoner just met Hizzoner.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams had an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Saturday, a highlight of Adams’ stay in Rome.

A snapshot showed Adams, 63, and the 87-year-old pope smiling and shaking hands. Exclusive photo obtained by The Post.

The meeting was the highlight of Mr. Hizzoner’s trip to Rome. Photo production department

Also on Saturday, Adams was photographed hanging out with Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, who was working on a nearby garden renovation project as part of the volunteer group Roma Cures Roma. I took the mayor of New York City with me. Photo published in X.

The two were also seen drawing graffiti together.

“I like to say New York City is the Rome of America,” Adams boasted on FaceTime with reporters.

Adams made headlines Friday when he praised the speed of the Eternal City’s transportation construction projects.

“When it comes to doing these major renovations, we can build them here without any bureaucracy,” he laughed.