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Vatican Excommunicates Pope Francis’s Harshest Critic for ‘Schism’

ROME — The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has found former papal envoy Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò guilty of “schism” and declared him excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Viganò’s “refusal to recognize and obey the Pope, refusing communion with members of the Church subordinate to him, and rejecting the legitimacy and pontifical […]

UK Bigwigs Implore Vatican to Spare Traditional Latin Mass

ROME — Leading British cultural and political figures have penned an open letter petitioning the Vatican not to ban the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). Widespread and sustained rumor The letter, which announced the Vatican’s intention to crush the TLM once and for all, was signed by believers and non-believers alike and examined the historical, spiritual […]

Whistleblower Archbishop Viganò Refuses Vatican Summons

ROME — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former Vatican envoy, has refused to comply with a summons from the Vatican on charges of schism and reiterated that he does not recognize Pope Francis as head of the Catholic Church. “As I stated in my June 20 statement, I do not recognize the authority of the […]

Pope Francis Names 3 Pro-Gay Prelates to Vatican Doctrinal Office

ROME, Italy — Pope Francis appointed three prelates known for their support of homosexuality to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Doctrine, just as LGBT groups kicked off Gay Pride Month. Veteran Vatican journalist, author of The next pope, I got it. The three maleBoth men are cardinals and have been at the forefront of the movement […]

Vatican releases guidelines for ‘studying and discerning’ supernatural phenomena

The Catholic Church released a document Friday providing new guidelines for identifying purported supernatural phenomena. The document, which has been translated into seven languages, states that the Church “restricts events that are beyond the scope of normal experience and that appear to be of supernatural origin (such as apparitions, hallucinations, internal or external conversations, writings, […]

Mayor Eric Adams meets Pope Francis in Vatican City

Vatican City — Hizzoner just met Hizzoner. New York City Mayor Eric Adams had an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Saturday, a highlight of Adams’ stay in Rome. A snapshot showed Adams, 63, and the 87-year-old pope smiling and shaking hands. Exclusive photo obtained by The Post. The meeting was the highlight […]

Pope Francis Receives Pro-Abortion Senator Raphael Warnock in Vatican

ROME – Pope Francis held a private audience with Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock on Saturday, the Vatican Press Office reported. Mr. Warnock is the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Said He deeply admires the Pope’s efforts to “put humanity at the center of public life, from tackling poverty and hunger to combating […]

Vatican Court Charges Italian Journalist Critical of Pope Francis with ‘Defamation’

ROME – Vatican prosecutors have accused an Italian Catholic journalist of “defaming” Pope Francis and leaking confidential documents. Marco Felipe Perfetti, a conservative Catholic who writes a blog Shirere non possum (“I can’t stay silent”) called The charge against him was attempted “intimidation.” “It is a well-known fact that freedom of the press and freedom […]