Melania Trump battled Ivanka for spotlight during presidency: book

Former first lady Melania Trump spent her four years in the White House at war with Ivanka Trump, only taking breaks to renegotiate her pre-nuptial agreement with her presidential husband, a new report says. The book argues.

According to excerpts, the two engaged in a four-year “internal power struggle” to take on the role of first lady, but when first lady Melania Trump did not immediately move into the presidential mansion at the start of President Donald Trump’s term, Ivanka was reportedly close to taking on the role. Get it on DailyMail Katie Rogers’ upcoming book American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady From Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden. ”

Ivanka reportedly planned to renovate the east wing of her executive mansion while Melania remained in New York to ensure her son Barron, then 10, could complete his studies. .

Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump spent four years in the White House vying for attention, according to a new book. Getty Images

The eldest daughter may have a plan to take over her quarters and more or less eliminate the First Lady’s position, thereby “aiming to serve not only the First Lady, but the entire First Family,” wrote Mr. Rogers, White House correspondent for the New York Times. .

First Lady Melania defeated the effort and a battle with her stepdaughter began. She called the person “Princess.”

Ivanka works as an unpaid consultant in her father’s West Wing, and the two have largely distanced themselves from each other, even though they both worked closely with Trump.

even First Lady of Slovenia The most infamous moment stemmed from her disdain for Ivanka.

According to former administration officials, first lady Melania Trump wore one with a message to her stepdaughter that read, “You really don’t care, do you?” She donned the jacket before a June 2018 visit to meet migrant children detained at the southern border.

At the time, the two were “engaging in a quiet competition for press coverage,” Rogers reported.

Melania Trump wore one saying, “You really don’t care, do you?” I put on my jacket and send a message to Ivanka. AFP (via Getty Images)

when she’s not involved A petty argument with IvankaStephanie Grisham, a close aide to Melania Grisham, told Rogers that Melania had been “meeting with a team of lawyers to examine her assets and address issues related to her pre-nuptial agreement with her husband.”

Mr. Rogers disputed previous reports that the negotiations were led by Mr. Barron, saying instead that Mr. Melania was focused on her own financial security.

“I know that she had very separate finances and was monitoring them closely, and that she had her own attorney who did significant amounts of interviews,” Grisham said. recalled.

Throughout her four years in the White House, Melania met regularly with her lawyers to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement. Getty Images

“It often involved money in the bank before the marriage or that she had personally.”

The book argues that these negotiations continued throughout President Trump’s term.

Melania Trump’s office confirmed the meeting, but denied details about the pre-nuptials.

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“Mrs. Trump had a successful career even before she met her husband and always had her own businesses and assets,” Melania’s spokesperson told Rogers.

“As a seasoned professional, she meets frequently with attorneys.”

Representatives for Melania and Ivanka could not immediately be reached for comment.

Melania, the first lady, fiercely contested the position of first lady, but has barely participated in her husband’s re-election campaign.

President Trump promised last week that his wife would be expected to attend more regularly as the campaign nears the ballot box.



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