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MSNBC host VIRAL for saying the craziest thing you’ve heard

At this point, most people, including many liberals, acknowledge Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. Yet much of the mainstream media continues to perpetuate the lie that Biden is convincing enough to carry out the job of president.

But one MSNBC host has taken the idea of ​​Biden’s competence to such an unprecedented level of ridiculousness that even fellow Democrats are now mocking him.

“This may be the most insane thing Until now said on MSNBC, Dave Rubin said while playing a clip of Joe Scarborough pushing the most pro-Biden propaganda ever witnessed.

“I said he was persuasive because I underestimated him. He is far beyond persuasive. In fact, I think he is intellectually better than he ever was. think [and] Analytically,” Scarborough said.

“I’ll tell you the truth, and if you can’t handle the truth, F you. This version of Biden is, intellectually and analytically, the best Biden of all time, not even close.”

“Everyone knows that’s a lie. It’s a complete 180-degree flip of the truth, it’s terrible,” said Dave Rubin, adding that Mr. Scarborough is likely preparing for tonight’s State of the Union address with “Joe・He added that he was probably just trying to protect Biden, but there was a high possibility that the usual slander would be thrown around. And a blunder.

To see Joe Scarborough make a complete fool of himself, watch the clip below.

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