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NBC News faces internal blowback from decision to cut Ronna McDaniel

The effects of NBC News’ decision to bow to internal outrage and sever ties with Ronna McDaniel are already taking shape.

as a semaphore reporta “backlash against a backlash” has begun, and rank-and-file journalists, those at NBC News who aren’t upset about McDaniel joining the network, are feeling the heat.

“Political journalists here did not participate in the backlash.” [against McDaniel]One NBC reporter told Semaphore, “They couldn’t even give input on the hiring. But I guess they’re the ones who have to pick up information from sources who are disappointed in the organization.”

Semaphore details:

Four NBC News staffers expressed concern that, far from solving the problem, hiring and firing McDaniel only alienated liberal viewers while confirming Republican concerns. Two Republican aides told Semaphore that they sent text messages to their NBC News contacts expressing their anger over the decision.

The truth is that a few prominent voices at NBC News and MSNBC (including Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow and Joe Scarborough) led the outrage over Mr. McDaniel’s hiring, and NBC News executives It was approved unanimously.

But the hasty decision to appease a vocal few reverses the advances the station has made to appeal to Republican viewers and solidifies the perception that NBC News is not an impartial media source. Semaphore pointed out that. Ultimately, the long-term impact on NBC News’ credibility of hiring and firing McDaniel could be a net negative.

That’s why Republicans are declaring victory.

Republican economist Stephen Moore said today was “a good day for our team. [Democrats] Furthermore, Mick Mulvaney said that the incident “allows us to: [NBC News] To completely dispel its image as a legitimate news organization. ”

NBCUniversal News Group Chairman Cesar Conde said in a memo to NBC News staff: Said “No organization, especially a newsroom, can succeed without cohesion and collaboration,” and “it has become clear that: [McDaniel’s] Appointment undermines that goal. ”

Indeed, successful companies must align around a core mission.

But the decision to fire McDaniel just days after hiring him appears to have had nothing to do with NBC News’ company mission. If that were the case, management would not have been unanimous in hiring McDaniel.

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