Netanyahu blasts comments as ‘shameful’ after Brazilian president makes Holocaust comparison

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva accused Israel has claimed to have committed “genocide” in the Gaza Strip, drawing similarities to Nazi Germany’s Holocaust against Jews during World War II.

“What is happening with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip has no parallel at any other historical moment. In fact, it actually existed when Hitler decided to kill the Jews,” Lula said. It is said that Reuters. “This is not a war between soldiers and soldiers, but a war between highly prepared troops and women and children.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Lula’s comments “disgraceful.”

“The words of the Brazilian president are shameful and serious,” Netanyahu said, according to Google Translate from Hebrew. post “This is an attempt to trivialize the Holocaust and undermine the right of Jews and Israel to self-defense. Comparing Israel to the Nazi Holocaust and Hitler crosses a line that should not be crossed. “We will fight for our defense and secure our future until complete victory.” “I have decided to summon Foreign Minister Israel Katz and the Brazilian Ambassador to Israel for a discussion that will immediately lead to a severe reprimand.”

Brazil’s president has recalled the ambassador to Israel “for consultations,” a statement from Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. new york timesalso reported that the South American country’s foreign minister had called the Israeli ambassador for talks in Rio de Janeiro.

Israel is at war in response to a horrific terrorist attack last October that included murder, rape and kidnapping.

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