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NFL Star Randy Gregory Sues Denver Broncos, League For Fining Him $500,000 For Marijuana Use

Defensive end Randy Gregory of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is suing the NFL and his former team, the Denver Broncos, for discriminating against him for using medical THC, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk reported Friday.

The NFL fined Gregory over $500,000 due to the incident, which began when he was a member of the Broncos, but Gregory argued in the lawsuit that he was legally allowed to use THC under Colorado laws, Florio reported. Gregory claimed he uses THC to treat the disabilities of social anxiety and PTSD. They are claiming that the NFL and Broncos are discriminating against Gregory by fining him for using a drug to treat his disabilities. Florio notes as well that the NFL has largely stopped suspending players for marijuana use, but can still fine players for use of the drug. (RELATED: Chiefs Abruptly Cancel Practice After Player Suffers Medical Emergency: REPORT)

The civil complaint highlights that Gregory had already filed for an accommodation from both the league and the team but was denied, with over $500,000 in fines being enforced over the next 14 months, Florio reported. Although the NFL imposed the fines, Gregory reportedly included the Broncos in this suit, claiming that the team is legally required to accommodate his disability.

The plaintiffs also reportedly emphasize that Gregory “is expected to play in every game, attend practice, attend media sessions, and fulfill his job responsibilities,” and that “the NFL and the Broncos profited from Mr. Gregory’s continued employment.”

Gregory, who has dealt with substance abuse in the past, was extracted from his home in 2018 by 15 men, rushed into a black SUV and forced into rehab at the request of his lawyer. Gregory returned to the NFL in 2018 after completing six months in a facility.

Florio reports that the next step will be arguing if Gregory has the ability to bring this to court, rather than settle it by the league’s system for addressing such disputes.

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