On this day in history, April 14, 1910, President Taft throws out first pitch at MLB game

Opening Day is the day each year to welcome the new spring baseball season, a uniquely American tradition filled with history and fanfare.

And on this day in history, April 14, 1910, President William Howard Taft became the first U.S. president to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

Mr. Taft is the first president in history to receive this honor. Since Taft, nearly every president, with a few recent exceptions, has thrown out the ceremonial first pitch.

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William Howard Taft was elected the 27th President of the United States (1909-1913) and later became the 10th Chief Justice of the United States (1921-1930). According to, he is the only person to have held both offices.

When it came to baseball, Taft had been fascinated by it since he was a boy.

“He loved baseball and was an excellent second baseman and slugger,” the University of Virginia’s Miller Center wrote.

William Howard Taft (1857-1930), 27th President of the United States, was a native of Ohio and later served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. (Getty Images)

The groundbreaking MLB First Pitch Ceremony took place in Washington, D.C., ahead of a matchup between two East Coast teams, the Washington Senators and Philadelphia Athletics. The starting pitcher for the game was Walter Johnson of the Washington Senators.

According to, having President Taft throw the ceremonial first pitch is something Washington Senators owner Clark Griffith has wanted to do for several years.

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According to, Taft enjoyed baseball as a spectator and attended Senators baseball games during the 1909 season.

Taft’s philosophy of the game provides an interesting perspective.

Sportswriters became fans of Taft and his passion for baseball.

“like [baseball] President Taft reportedly had two reasons. “Firstly, because I enjoy it myself, and secondly, because if the existence of an interim first judge encourages such wholesome entertainment, then I want to encourage it too. “There is,” the National Newspaper reported. Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum website.

Taft was on hand throughout the game, along with other dignitaries, including Vice President James S. Sherman, the site said.

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At the time, Associated Press reporters wrote, “Mr. Taft was just as interested as the other reporters. He knows baseball well and knows every detail of the game,” according to History. The channel reported.

After the game, sportswriters became fans of Taft and his enthusiasm for baseball, and the D.C. Evening Star reveled in Taft’s fandom.

Press Taft throws ceremonial first pitch at MLB game

President Taft throws out the first pitch during the opening ceremony on April 14, 1910. (Getty Images)

“The President was one of the greatest fans of them all, for he stayed until the end of the contest, until the last Philadelphian was eliminated, and the victory was kept safe in McAleer’s bat bag,” the newspaper wrote. Ta. time.

According to National Geographic, Taft was welcomed back to throw out the first pitch at Opening Day in 1911, but did not appear in 1912 as the Titanic sank five days before the game.

In 1913, Taft was no longer president. Woodrow Wilson performed the Opening Day honors.

“William Howard Taft, a distinguished jurist and able administrator but a poor politician, spent four unpleasant years in the White House.”

Major League Baseball’s official Opening Day tradition began with the Cincinnati Reds, who hosted the event from 1876 to 1989.

“During this period, rain forced him to make his debut on the road only twice (1877 and 1966),” the Baseball Almanac notes.

On this day in history, April 11, 1945, U.S. troops enter Buchenwald concentration camp to face the horrors of the Nazis.

Today, this tradition remains a staple of America’s favorite pastime.

“While other sports have season openers, baseball’s Opening Day marks the ceremonial beginning of spring,” the National Baseball Hall of Fame said.

“While considered by many to be a national holiday, the opening of the Major League Baseball season brings hope that this will be your team’s year,” the magazine added.

Derek Jeter's first pitch

Today, dignitaries, athletes, and celebrities throw out the ceremonial first pitch at MLB games. Above, Baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter throws out the ceremonial first pitch as New York Yankees’ Frankie Montas looks on. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

President Taft faced challenges while leading the United States as commander in chief.

According to, “William Howard Taft, a noted jurist and capable administrator but a poor politician, spent four unpleasant years in the White House.”

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As a man, Taft was “big and jolly” [and] It’s sensible,” according to

The site said he received “little credit” for his administration’s achievements, embroiled in a “bitter battle” between progressives and conservatives.


According to, these accomplishments include signing the first rate changes since 1897, establishing the Postal Savings System, and creating the Interstate Commerce Commission.

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