Police Arrest Soldiers For Alleged Pride Flag Theft, Incident Caught On Video, Cops Say

Police arrested two troopers on suspicion of repeatedly stealing LGBT pride flags from homes in Arlington, Virginia, according to Arlington police.

Arlington County Police say the suspects have been identified as Matthew Henshaw, 20, and Joseph DiGregorio, 23, members of the U.S. Army and members of the prestigious 3rd Infantry Regiment known as the Old Guard. It was done. Henshaw was charged in connection with three of the five incidents, including unlawful entry with prejudice and petty theft, and DiGregorio was charged with petty theft for his role in one of the thefts, police said. He was indicted.The duo is said to have been captured. camera Steal the pride flag.

The residence was shared by a queer couple, Michelle Logan and Jenna Barnett. according to NBC4 to Washington. Their home was reportedly the target of such acts of prejudice over several months from September to January. The couple’s ordeal began in September when their pride flag was first stolen, the newspaper said, and the act was caught on their home security system. Despite this violation, Logan and Barnett quickly exchanged flags. (Related: Montana resident sentenced to 18 years in prison for attempting to ‘remove LGBTQI+ residents from town’)

As the thefts continued, the couple’s plight drew attention and the community reportedly rallied behind Logan and Barnett. The couple used the incident as an advocacy opportunity and solicited donations from supporters to LGBTQ organizations, raising more than $1,000 for The Trevor Project, the newspaper said.

In response to the crimes allegedly committed by the two soldiers, the Army emphasized its commitment to diversity and equality. “We recognize the values ​​of diversity and equality, and the actions of those involved are not representative of the values ​​or character of the Old Guard or our military,” an Army spokesperson said, according to NBC4 Washington. issued a statement.



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