Political strategist reality-checks Biden campaign for stunt outside Trump’s trial: ‘Stupid mistake’

Career political strategist Karl Rove has accused the Biden campaign of “stupid mistakes.”

The Biden campaign held a surprise press conference on Tuesday outside the Manhattan courthouse where Donald Trump’s hush money trial is taking place. The campaign employed actor Robert De Niro and two former Capitol Police officers who were on duty on January 6, Harry Dunn and Michael Fanone, to deliver an anti-Trump message.

‘under Shepard v. Maxwell… The Supreme Court has long held that extensive publicity around a case can create a circus-like atmosphere that undermines a defendant’s right to an impartial jury.

The mistake, Rove said, was that the Biden campaign fostered the perception that Trump’s trial was political.

“This is a stupid mistake by the Biden campaign,” Rove said on Fox News.

“They were trying to get attention with all the cameras there, but that was a big mistake. It politicized the trial,” he explained.

At the press conference, De Niro claimed that Trump would “destroy America” ​​and “destroy the world” if he won the election — a rhetoric that Loeb said would not appeal to undecided voters and could instead alienate them.

“This is an overreach, completely unhelpful and a stupid mistake by the Biden campaign,” Rove exclaimed.

Not only was this a potential political mistake, but his lawyer, Dan McLaughlin, believes it may have been a legal mistake as well.

McLoughlin said he believes the prosecution may have violated Trump’s Sixth Amendment rights.

“under Shepard v. Maxwell… “The Supreme Court has long held that a defendant’s right to an impartial jury can be infringed by the circus-like atmosphere created by extensive publicity surrounding a case,” McLaughlin said. I have written In National Review.

“this is Nationally known celebrities act as Representative of the President of the United States,in Very site Court The day before The jury will then begin their verdict and declare that “everyone in the world” knows the defendant is guilty and that he has gotten away with so much, he added, referring to De Niro.

“Trump does have representatives (including the Speaker of the House), but the prosecution has no constitutional right to an impartial jury — the defense does,” he explained. “If that’s not going too far, what is?”

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was recently accused of “saying the quiet part out loud” when she refused to answer a question about House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-Pa.) speech outside President Trump’s trial, citing the upcoming election.

“This is something that relates to the 2024 elections so obviously I don’t want to comment,” she said.

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