“Pretty bad shape:” Wyndham Clark suffers injury ahead of Texas Children’s Houston Open

Windham Clark was training early Monday morning at a gym in her Scottsdale, Arizona, home.

The reigning U.S. Open champion, a regular at the fitness center, was doing a lift when he felt something pop in his back.

“I threw it away. I was feeling pretty bad yesterday, but luckily I’ve got a great team and I’m getting my swing back,” Clark said Wednesday ahead of the Texas Children’s Houston Open. .

“That’s why I flew out early. [Tuesday] morning. All I could do was chip and putt, but after a lot of rehabilitation, I was able to hit the ball today. So, I’ve improved a lot in a short period of time, so I think I’ll be ready for tomorrow. ”

Clark was in good health until Monday. He recently finished runner-up to Scottie Scheffler at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and The Players Championship.

Clark spoke about the injury, adding that he was in an “awkward spot” during the lift. But he has since learned from the experience and is “moving in the right direction.”

Windham Clark will play the eighth hole in Wednesday’s Pro-Am.
Photo credit: Raj Mehta/Getty Images

He was able to play in Wednesday morning’s pro-am alongside children who have undergone heart transplants and are battling cancer. He felt obligated to play because he knew his injury was a minor setback compared to the injuries these young men face every day.

One of the children in his group, Jett Skaggs, has a double transplant.

“What’s amazing is that the doctors have been so good that you can hardly tell that Jett has been through so much,” Clark said of his playing partner.

“Still, it’s amazing how much of a fight he is and how determined he is. He seemed so happy out there and seemed like he was having fun. He’s a really good golfer and I’m just with him. I really enjoyed spending time with him. It was a very special moment spending those nine holes with him.”

Clark will begin the opening round Thursday at 12:53 p.m. ET with defending champion Tony Finau and Siu Kim.

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