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Putin arrives in China as US slams Beijing for supporting Ukraine war

Putin will arrive early Thursday morning local time and will meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. 2 day visit. The leaders are expected to discuss pressing international issues and celebrate diplomatic relations between China and Russia.

Putin’s first state visit of his new term comes as Russian forces launch a major offensive in northeast Kharkiv, forcing the evacuation of thousands of civilians. More pressure on Ukrainian army lacking ammunition.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Kiev this week and announced that the United States would send troops to Ukraine, emphasizing continued support for Ukraine amid the attack. Another $2 billion for weapons and equipment.

Blinken also accused China of providing non-lethal aid to Russia during a Wednesday press conference during a visit to Beijing. “Overwhelming majority” The majority of machine tools and microelectronic chips destined for Russia come from Chinese sources.

“These directly lead to a strengthened defense industrial base that was able to mass produce more tanks, more armored vehicles and more missiles last year. All were used in the invasion against Ukraine,” He said.

“What we are deeply concerned about is the assistance China is providing to rebuild Russia’s defense industrial base. Contribute substantively and make a difference In the invasion of Ukraine,” Blinken added.

Mr. Blinken also said that the United States: ready to announce further sanctions against any entity found responsible for supporting the Russian war effort. He argued that China cannot seek closer ties with Europe while “remaining responsible for escalating the greatest threat to European security since the end of the Cold War.”

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