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Rebecca Ferguson’s co-stars panicked after screaming allegations went viral: ‘You understand what you’ve done?

In February, Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson reflected on a transformative moment in her decades-long career when a “stupid” A-list co-star made derogatory remarks about her on set. I remember when they finally encouraged me to say, It’s off. ”

Although she did not reveal the individual’s name, her comment went viral and internet sleuths were soon trying to figure out the actor’s identity.

“I wasn’t expecting that, by the way,” the “Dune: Part 2” star recently told SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” about the attention his comments have garnered. , she confessed that a number of her former co-stars have since contacted her. Frenzy.

‘Dune’ star Rebecca Ferguson refuses to work with ‘Adiot’ co-star after falling out, ‘steps down’

Rebecca Ferguson said that after her comments went viral, several of her co-stars contacted her to ask if she understood the seriousness of her allegations and what it meant to them not to name the person. He said he asked him what he meant. (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

“Yes, I enjoyed the grab,” Ferguson acknowledged the attention. “But I realized that even at this age…it doesn’t matter. When you sit down and do an interview…because I am who I am, right? I definitely find myself more open. I also know where they are.” But the purpose of the interview is not to find that person. Of course people will be interested. ”

Ferguson said revealing her story is not about revealing her name, but rather highlighting her strength. “The key question is, ‘Have you ever been treated in a way in your career that made you change one decision or the other? This is how I formulated it for myself: Do you want a change? , or don’t accept it.”

Rebecca Ferguson stands on the carpet wearing a black strapless gown with a snake around her neck

In some ways, Rebecca Ferguson says she’s grateful for the media attention her story has received. (Mike Coppola/WireImage/Getty Images)

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“And it was such a revealing moment for me to work with this person,” she continued. “I’ve gotten calls from all these great co-stars that I’ve worked with and they’re like, ‘You know what you’re doing, right?’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God, I never thought of that.’ I thought. ”

“Honestly, it’s not my fault. I don’t really care. You’re great. But my story is my story. If you’re a good person, don’t worry.”

Rebecca Ferguson wears a black dress with some silver chains and lace on the carpet

Rebecca Ferguson admitted she doesn’t really care if her co-stars are bothered by her comments. (John Nasion/Getty Images))

The “Mission: Impossible” actress also starred alongside Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant in “Florence Foster Jenkins,” Emily Blunt in “The Girl on the Train,” and Dwayne ‘The Boy’ in “Hercules.” – He has co-starred with some of Hollywood’s biggest actors, including The Rock Johnson. ” and “Dune”’s Zendaya, Timothee Chalamet, and Florence Pugh.

Both Mr Johnson and Mr Blunt deny any involvement and have expressed support for Mr Ferguson.johnson I wrote to X,”I hate seeing this, but I love watching her stand up to the bulls. Rebecca was my guardian angel sent from heaven to our set. I love that woman. I want to know who did this. ”

A representative for Blunt told the Daily Mail: “Rebecca and Emily are friends and there is nothing but love between them.”

Emily Blunt, wearing a long-sleeved white dress, smiles softly on the Oscars carpet with Dwayne Johnson in a shiny peach suit.

Two of Rebecca Ferguson’s co-stars, Emily Blunt and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, have spoken out about Ferguson after speculation raged on the internet about who the Swedish actress was voicing. voiced support. (Jeff Kravitz/Film Magic/Getty Images)

Ferguson originally told his story on Josh Smith’s podcast “Reign,” saying at the time that neither of them were A-listers. tom cruise Hugh Jackman, with whom she has worked on several projects, was also not the person she was referring to.

Tom Cruise, dressed in a black suit, looks longingly at Rebecca Ferguson on the carpet during an interview.

Rebecca Ferguson has co-starred with Tom Cruise in several Mission: Impossible movies and said he was not an actor who had problems on set. (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images, Paramount Pictures)

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“I made a movie with a co-star who was a total idiot,” she began. “This human was very anxious and angry. [they] I couldn’t retrieve the scene. And I was so vulnerable and uncomfortable that I think I got yelled at and cried as I was walking from the set. ”

“This person literally looked at me in front of the entire staff and said, ‘You call yourself an actor? Is this what I have to work with?…This is what I have to do.’ What?’ And I just stood there broken.”

Rebecca Ferguson in a dress poses with her hands on her hips next to Hugh Jackman in a gray pantsuit.

Rebecca Ferguson clarified that the person she was referring to was not Hugh Jackman. (Dave Bennett/Getty Images, Warner Bros.)


“And I remember the next day I walked in and said, ‘Please come off the set.’ That was the first time. [had] I’ve never talked about it – I remember being so scared. And I looked at him and said, “You can stop now.” He strives for the tennis ball. I never want to meet him. ‘”

Mr. Ferguson explained that he did not feel supported by executives. “Then I remember the producers coming to me and saying, ‘We can’t do this to No. 1. We have to get this person on set,'” she explained. “And I said, ‘But he can turn around, and I can turn around.’ [of their] Head. ‘And I did.

“It took me so long to get there, within the last 10 or 12 years. And I’ve been acting since I was 16. But from that moment on, I never I never let myself reach my goals.” I went home and thought, “What happened, why did that happen?”