Religious studies professor supports trans rights claiming Bible ‘portrays gender as a colorful spectrum’

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A Catholic University professor in Ohio says the Bible supports the idea that individuals can change their gender.

In response to Wednesday's vote by Ohio lawmakers to override the governor's recent veto of a bill banning biological males, Esther Brownsmith, a professor at the University of Dayton, said, “Scripture does not define gender as a rigid binary. “Some of the ways in which it is depicted as a spectrum rather than as a spectrum.” Banning women from participating in sports and restricting gender reassignment treatment for minors.

She argues that Joseph is one of the many characters in the Bible who “crossed gender lines”, saying, “Deborah led an army, Mordecai breastfed his cousin Esther, and Daniel was probably a eunuch. It would have been.”

“Even God is sometimes described in feminine terms, as a midwife or nursing mother,” she says. Dayton Daily News On Thursday, she revealed that she is a Christian. “While the Bible was certainly written during a patriarchal time, it acknowledges that people back then were rethinking and reshaping their gender identities, just as we do today.”

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Ms. Brownsmith continued to explain her belief that the Bible supports gender reassignment as an urgent social issue.

“As a professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Dayton, I believe that the Bible and transgender rights are not inconsistent. On the contrary, the Bible calls us to support the most vulnerable in our society. and the call has rarely been more urgent,” she wrote.

“While most Americans agree that religion should not determine public policy, these proposed rules are rooted in deep religious biases about gender roles,” he added. “Those bigotries are unethical and unbiblical. Our transgender neighbors, like Joseph and Deborah, are glorious gifts of God, and they cannot be ignored by a government that seeks to legislate them out of existence.” I feel scared.”

In contrast, the Catholic Church teaches that there are two genders in the Bible, as explained in the first chapter of Genesis. “God created humans in his own image” […] He created man and woman.” Vatican documents.

Brownsmith also cited a passage from Genesis in his call for “gender-affirming” and “life-giving medicine,” but it did not include the part that identified “male and female.”

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The author of Brownsmith Gendered Violence in Biblical Stories: The Devouring Metaphor She says she is currently working on “a book that reads Esther's books in the light of fan fiction studies, queer theory, and emotion theory.” Self-introduction on the university website.

she would too teach series It will be held at a local Anglican church during Lent and will “explore Biblical stories of people across the spectrum of gender and sexuality.” The series includes “Joseph and the Rainbow Princess Dress,” “Redefining Masculinity with Daniel the Eunuch,” “Where Thy Go: The Sapphik Steadfastness of Ruth,” and “The Nonbinary Wisdom of Mordecai and Qoheleth.” ” and sessions on “Imagining Gender Fluid.” God. “

University of Dayton officials told Fox News Digital that the school is comprised of a community of scholars with a wide range of academic interests, opinions, judgments and perspectives.

“We respect the academic freedom of faculty and students to pursue research and express their opinions,” they said. “The views expressed by our faculty should not be construed as representing those of the University.While society at large continues to debate important issues regarding gender and sexual orientation, we believe that Catholic As a Marianist university, we make space for the intellectual contributions and scholarly contributions of our faculty and students' explorations. ”

“The university is guided by Catholic and Marianist values, including 'respect for the essential worth and dignity of all people,'” the official added. “Our goal is to foster a campus community where all members, including those who identify as LGBTQ+, feel welcomed, respected, safe, and valued as full members of the community.”




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