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RFK Jr. threatens to challenge TikTok ban: It’s just a ‘smoke screen’

As efforts to block the video app in the United States became a reality earlier this week, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. threatened on Friday to challenge a possible ban on TikTok.

Kennedy: “I intend to file a lawsuit challenging the TikTok ban on constitutional grounds.” wrote on social media platform. “Don’t be fooled. The TikTok ban doesn’t mean China is collecting your data. It’s a smokescreen.”

“Intelligence agencies of many countries, especially our own, are collecting your data from everywhere all the time,” he added.

His comments came days after President Biden signed a $95 billion national security package that included language that would ban TikTok in the United States if its Chinese parent company ByteDance does not sell the app. ByteDance officials said they have no intention of selling the app despite the possibility of a ban.

“The reports in foreign media that ByteDance is considering selling TikTok are false,” the company said in a statement, adding, “We have no plans to sell TikTok.”

A TikTok spokesperson also said in a statement that the law is “unconstitutional” and that the company will “challenge it in court.”

Kennedy echoed similar sentiments, arguing that China does not own the majority of TikTok. He added that the company had already agreed to keep its data behind the U.S. firewall, but “the Biden administration has rejected that agreement.”

“Neither Congress nor the administration understands that TikTok is an entrepreneurial platform for thousands of young Americans,” he wrote. “They want to mess with them just to pretend to be tough on China.”

“The TikTok ban is yet another example of how neither political party has any qualms about sacrificing people’s freedoms, rights, and choices when it serves their political interests. ,” Kennedy said.

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