Sebastian Gorka: The New MAGA Manifesto

What is MAGA? What does “Make America Great Again” mean?

That’s a strange question.The man who ran a presidential campaign on these words not only won the 2016 election, but is still overwhelm the incumbent And he is in a very strong position to become CEO again.

But that’s the strange thing.

MAGA has always been more of an attitude and sentiment than an explicit ideology with a concrete and detailed manifesto.

What unites members of the MAGA movement, these days from a young black kid living in Harlem. led the choir “We Love you Trump,” a grizzled construction worker told his Newsmax colleagues outside the Manhattan courthouse where the Trump trial was being held.Fucking Biden” or record 100,000 Americans Who attended the Wildwood rally in New Jersey last week?

Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, on May 11, 2024. (Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)

A portion of the crowd attending a Trump campaign rally in Wildwood, New Jersey on May 11, 2024. (Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

The ostensible answer is “love of country,” and while President Trump may be a billionaire, he has betrayed both the working and middle classes in favor of a failed nation and big business. It’s simple patriotism that sees someone looking at bipartisan elites. Business, foreign interests, and America’s “managed decline” philosophy.

But we are less than six months away from an election that will require us to go beyond emotions, feelings, instincts and slogans. Rampant inflation, open borders, Democrat-run cities ravaged by crime, universities that teach young people to hate America and civilization itself, women and children targeted and mutilated by the transgender church, the color of their skin. Before it’s too late, criminals to be given bounties based on wars in Europe, wars in the Middle East, effectively turning 74,223,975 MAGA voters in 2020 into 90 million or 100 million people. We need to embody our beliefs in a manifesto so that we can convert them into voters.

This is the first cut of the new “Make America Great Again” declaration.


The United States of America is the greatest nation on earth and the pinnacle of Judeo-Christian civilization, the greatest civilization built on God-given human freedom.

Without strong American leadership, the world will be destabilized by a regime that will not hesitate to threaten both America and its allies and friends.

For decades, the American people have been betrayed by political and business elites who don’t believe in America.

Its elites include a complicit media that acts as a spontaneous propaganda force, and unelected and unremovable officials who believe that the will of the people and the people’s choice of president are irrelevant compared to their ideological goals. Power is maintained by a permanent bureaucracy consisting of:

We believe that for all Americans to live in freedom and for the world to be stable, America’s original values ​​must be restored.

MAGA What the Patriots need to do:

  • ensure fair and free elections; This is the responsibility of every patriot.
  • Re-elect President Donald Trump. He is a man hated by both sides of the establishment elite because he is a threat to established ways of doing business.
  • Impeach judges who favor criminals based on the color of their skin and restore the rule of law.
  • Protect U.S. companies and U.S. employees with tariffs that punish foreign manufacturers (particularly China) and U.S. companies that outsource work to other countries.
  • Rebuild America’s military and make it capable of winning any war against any enemy. Eliminate all ideology from within the military, starting with DEI and CRT.
  • Reinstate aggressive tariffs on communist China, our greatest strategic enemy.
  • Punish universities that discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity, deny them all federal funding, and strip them of their nonprofit status.
  • Identifying the worst offenders in the standing bureaucracy that has used the FBI, Justice Department, and intelligence agencies to politically target Americans and strip them of their civil rights “in the name of the law,” Washington, D.C. prosecute in an outside court.
  • Presidential pardon on January 6th to all defendants who were abused by the Justice Department, held for years, and sentenced to prison for simply walking peacefully through the Capitol. Investigate and sanction all those responsible for politically motivated prosecutions, and provide financial compensation and support to the families of the five defendants. matt pernathose who committed suicide as a result of the Justice Department’s persistent targeting.
  • A presidential commission will be established to investigate the events of January 6th, and will first investigate why the current FBI director was appointed. continues to refuse to respond The question, under oath, was simply how many undercover agents and associates were involved that day.
  • Establishes a presidential commission to investigate the leakage of the coronavirus from China and the liability of U.S. government officials. Providing funds for acquiring functions Starting with Anthony Fauci, we head to the Chinese military biolab in Wuhan.
  • We will secure the border as we did during the Trump administration. Biden’s Department of Homeland Security will deport all people who enter the United States illegally. Except for some people who can clearly prove that they are asylum seekers who will be killed if they return home and are not actually economic migrants.
  • Finish building the wall.

If you have something left unsaid, we’d love to hear from you. here.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka I’m the host of Salem Radio. america first and Gorkha reality check On NEWSMAX TV. He is a former strategist for President Donald Trump and a member of the Department of Defense National Security Education Board. His latest book is war for the soul of america.follow him substack page and Website.