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‘Slap in the face’: Minneapolis police used to feeling unsupported by politicians after officer’s killing

Rank-and-file members of the Minneapolis Police Department continue to be shocked and grieved by the death of Officer Jamal Mitchell, who was ambushed and shot while responding to a call alone during a mandatory overtime shift. What adds salt to the wound for Minneapolis Police Department officers is the relative lack of interest from decision-makers across the region in this tragic situation and its causes.

The suspect killed during the attack, Mustafa Mohammed, had a criminal record going back 20 years, was previously convicted of felonies that made him illegal to possess a firearm, and he had evaded capture for two years, police said. KTSPAnother police officer was wounded in the shootout with Mohammed.

The city’s response to Mitchell’s death was mixed, with many politicians offering their support and sympathy, but some choosing a different path.

“Most of us who work the streets of Minneapolis saw this coming and the signs have been there for quite some time now.”

City Council Member Aisha Chughtai said in a statement, without naming Mitchell, that the incident was caused solely by “gun violence” and that the “extensive” police response to the shooting made the situation worse for local residents who live near the scene.

Governor Tim Walz (Democrat) With labels In his first social media posts, he portrayed the incident as gun violence.

“We still have city council members who refuse to acknowledge the dangers of this job or Mitchell’s bravery and sacrifice, and Councilman Chughtai is a perfect example of that,” an MPD officer told The Blaze News, adding that the lack of support from local politicians is “to be expected, but this is a blatant insult to Mitchell and his sacrifice.”

“I think most police officers are used to this. They’re trying to take this tragedy and make it their problem. [the politicians]”It’s business as usual,” explained a second MPD officer, who acknowledged that “a few council members have always spoken out in support of police officers, but the majority of council members hate us and have made that public.”

A third officer said that even politicians who rightly responded to Mitchell’s death with shock and outrage “have said the obvious problem is why “It’s shocking to them because I don’t think they could have ever imagined something like this would happen. Most of us who work the streets of Minneapolis saw this coming, the signs were there a long time ago.”

A third officer said it wasn’t a total surprise because “we’ve been screaming at management for years about the work environment being unsafe.”

Calls for a stronger police department have been ignored for years, but even if they did happen, “it would all mean nothing because city and statewide leaders have refused to acknowledge the 2,000-pound elephant in the room: that criminals do not fear prosecution.”

Officers who spoke to The Blaze-News pointed to a recent case from Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty. Drop it reluctantly New evidence has supported the murder charge against a state trooper who shot and killed an armed driver attempting to flee, claiming the use of force was excessive. Judge Moriarty remains firm in his decision to prosecute the trooper, raising major concerns for law enforcement in his jurisdiction.

Moriarty further compare Supporters of police officers protest outside the courthouse and protesters gather at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“The fact that she is in command and doing everything she can to attack officers is terrifying to officers, including me,” the second officer said.

“no one [Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party] “They will admit that their people are to blame and that their ideology is dangerous. No politician is going to stand up and say ‘we had a hand in this too’. All we want is accountability and we just want to see someone actually speak about officers being targeted and law and order being disregarded without referencing the ‘murder’ of George Floyd (a convicted felon),” a third officer explained.

Dissatisfaction with city leadership has been constant among MPD officers since the BLM riots of 2020. From a lack of preparedness for riots to the promotion of pro-crime policies that have led to mass police departures, the remaining officers have faced an uphill battle for more than four years with no end in sight.

A memorial for Mitchell will be held next Tuesday at Maple Grove High School. He is survived by his fiancée and four children.

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