Sons of ‘Diddy’ hire mob lawyer as mom blasts feds, releasing video of mansion raid

Shocking home surveillance video taken from one of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ mansions shows federal agents in tactical gear bursting into the luxurious mansion and carrying out two raids on the mogul’s estate last week. He is seen escorting his sons as they execute one of the search warrants.

Combs’ ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children, Misa Hilton, shared the clip. on her instagram On Tuesday, she revealed that her sons had hired Jeffrey Lichtman, a high-powered attorney who previously represented cartel kingpins Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and John Gotti Jr. revealed.

“Did Justin need to have multiple laser beams of a firearm pointed at his chest?? Should Christian have a firearm pointed at the back of his head while handcuffed??” she wrote. Ta.

Sean Diddy Combs investigation: Male music producer accuses mogul of sexual assault, record label backlash

In this still image, a tactical vehicle approaches Diddy’s mansion from surveillance video posted on Instagram by Diddy’s former fashion designer, Misa Hilton. (@MisaHilton/Instagram)

Lichtman will investigate the use of force in the attack, she said.

“The overzealous and overtly militarized use of force against my son Justin and Christian is deplorable,” Hilton wrote. “If they were the sons of non-black celebrities, they probably wouldn’t have been treated with the same aggression.”

Video shows an armored vehicle carrying police officers in tactical gear arriving at the home and entering the premises. One of the officers can be seen knocking the surveillance camera off its mount. Others swarmed inside and detained individuals, two of whom Hilton identified as Combs’ sons, Justin and Christian.

Sean Diddy Combs accused of sexual assault by male music producer

Tactical officers arrest men inside Didi's residence

Officers wearing tactical gear and carrying rifles removed Sean “Diddy” Combs’ sons while executing a search warrant last week. The photo is a still from a surveillance video posted on Instagram by her mother, fashion designer Misa Hilton. (@MisaHilton/Instagram)

“My son’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, is investigating the use of excessive force that was unnecessary and clearly not called for by this search warrant,” Hilton added.

The raid was part of a federal sex trafficking investigation into Combs, who has denied similar charges in a series of recent civil lawsuits.

Sean Diddy Combs unable to ‘make peace’ with federal authorities during sex trafficking investigation: former FBI agent

Jeffrey Lichtman litigates out of court

Jeffrey Lichtman, a leading New York City defense attorney, confirmed in an Instagram post that he is representing at least one of Combs’ sons. (Getty Images)

Lichtman could not be reached for comment.

In his post, he acknowledged representing at least one of Combs’ sons and called the search warrant “overkill.”

“Governments rarely play fair when they have a major target in their sights, and they certainly haven’t played fair so far in the Didi case,” he wrote.

Rapper Sean Diddy Combs’ home raided by Homeland Security

Didi and Cassie sitting on the couch

Cathy claimed she endured more than a decade of abuse at the hands of Sean “Diddy” Combs. (Getty Images)

Combs’ ex-girlfriend, Cassandra Ventura, better known as R&B singer Cassie, sued Combs in November, accusing her of rape and other abuse.They are resolved after a day Billionaire Combs without admitting wrongdoing. But since then, at least four other accusers have filed lawsuits against the billionaire, including three women and a male music producer, Lil Rod (real name Rodney Jones). .

Despite the federal investigation, Combs has not been charged with a crime and has denied all charges of wrongdoing.

Rapper Sean Combs at home in Los Angeles surrounded by law enforcement officers

Officers stood near Combs’ home in Los Angeles as part of the HSI investigation. (FOX11)


He characterized the charges as an attempt to raise cash.

“Lil Rod (Rodney Jones) is nothing more than a liar who shamelessly filed a $30 million lawsuit for unjust wages,” Combs’ attorney Sean Hawley said in a statement. said before Fox News Digital. “His reckless publication of his name for events that are completely fictional and did not actually occur is nothing but a blatant attempt to garner headlines.”