Spiritual medium accused of raping woman he claimed was lover in past life

A Thai medium has been arrested on suspicion of telling the mother of an autistic woman that the 21-year-old woman was her boyfriend in a previous life, then raping her.

viral press and Local Outlet The Tiger.

He tells his mother that he and his daughter Pan were lovers in a previous life.

Superstitious parents in a devout Buddhist country that believes in reincarnation were delighted to hear that their daughter was said to be related to the spiritual guru.

According to reports, when she picked up Pan from her home on July 25, she told her mother that she would take her daughter there in the car to remind her of their past relationship.

However, he allegedly took her to a hotel in Nakhon Sawan province, raped her, and returned her to his home about an hour later.

Thai spiritual medium Pasuriyamatetrai Satyaputtavaramy (55) has been arrested on suspicion of raping an autistic woman who he claims was his ex-lover in a previous life. viral press

Later, when Pan's mother gave him a bath, she appeared “scared and nervous” and found bite marks on her chest. She asked her about it and she found out about the rape.

Pang told her that Pasuriyamatetrai sexually assaulted her at a nearby hotel.

The mother discussed the incident with other members of Medium and learned from another mother that he had been arrested for sexually assaulting her 6-year-old daughter.

Pasuriyamatetrai was arrested in Bangkok.
Pasriariyamatetrai Satjaputtabaramee has been charged with multiple sexual assault charges. viral press

Pan's mother filed a police report on November 15, but it was unclear why there was a delay in reporting the incident.

Pasuriyamatetrai was tracked down and arrested at a residence in the capital Bangkok on Thursday.

Police Lt. Somwan Ittaprasat said the suspects committed sexual assault against others who were unable to protect themselves, committed indecent acts against persons over the age of 15 who were unable to protect themselves, and used violent force. He said he was charged with taking another person for indecent purposes. .

The medium denied the charges and said he would only speak in court, the Tiger newspaper said.



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