Starving dogs, cats found locked up in ‘deplorable conditions’ inside filthy NYC hom

Starving dogs and cats rescued from a squalid home in Queens may have been stolen, police say, releasing heartbreaking photos as part of a frantic search for the animals’ owners.

Police and sources said 11 dogs and two cats showing signs of “neglect and malnutrition” were locked up Monday at the home of Cory Elder, 43, on Beach 44th Street in the Rockaways. They were found hanging and living in dilapidated conditions.

The NYPD revealed late Tuesday that the animals “may have been stolen” as part of a large-scale theft pattern that included five separate incidents.

A dog and cat found locked in a filthy apartment in Queens on Monday may have been stolen, police said. new york city police
Police say the potentially stolen dogs are connected to a series of grand larcenies involving five incidents. new york city police

One of the dogs was confirmed stolen from the NYPD’s 75th Precinct, which includes East New York City and the Cypress Hills area, authorities said.

Police have released new photos of the poor animals, including a snap of two dogs with their rib cages visible.

The early photos are It was posted on the NYPD’s Twitter account on Monday.showing one dog trapped in a cage next to what appears to be a puddle of urine and various trash, and another dog trapped in a cage surrounded by tufts of fur. is shown.

The animals appeared visibly starved, some with their rib cages visible. new york city police
Police said Cory Elder, 43, was arrested and charged with multiple charges. new york city police

Investigators also found heroin, fentanyl, stolen paraphernalia and DJ equipment inside the home, police said.

Police said Elder was charged with possession of a controlled substance, torture, injuring or failing to feed an animal, possession of stolen property, neglect of a confined animal and aggravated operating a motor vehicle without a license. was arrested and charged.

The New York City Police Department released photos of the animals in hopes of reuniting them with their owners. new york city police
All animals were taken to the ASPCA for evaluation. new york city police

All animals were taken to the ASPCA for evaluation, the organization told The Post on Tuesday.

“Many of the animals were underweight, dehydrated and had dirty coats,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “The animals were immediately transferred to the care of the ASPCA, where veterinarians and behavioral specialists are conducting forensic examinations and providing much-needed medical and behavioral treatment and enrichment.”