Sununu: ‘Everybody should be concerned’ with Trump’s presidential immunity argument

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu on Sunday disagreed with former President Donald Trump's assertion that the president should be granted complete immunity, saying the former president's views “should concern everyone.” Ta.

Asked on NBC's “Meet the Press” if he agreed that the president should be granted full immunity “even for things that cross the line,” Sununu said, “Of course not. ” he answered.

Sununu said a clip of Trump's comments was played over the weekend at a rally in New Hampshire, in which “the president did what he felt and what his advisers felt was absolutely right. “The president should be granted immunity so that he can carry out this.” ”

“The amazing thing about that clip is that he was so serious. He didn't make one stupid joke. He was serious about it,” Sununu reacted. “And that's because everybody, I don't care what political party you're from, whether you're an extreme conservative or a socialist liberal, but everyone should be concerned about that kind of thinking entering the White House.” is.”

Sununu has endorsed Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley for president, but earlier this month said she would support the eventual nominee, even if Trump is a hypothetical convicted criminal. Ta.

NBC anchor Kristen Welker noted that Sununu had expressed support for the eventual nominee and asked the governor how he could support Trump, given his disagreement with the former president's claims. .

“At the end of the day, I think most Republicans will support the Republican candidate,” Sununu responded. I hope it's obviously Nikki Haley. This is how bad Joe Biden is. Six months ago, Trump couldn't beat Biden. That's how bad Joe Biden is. ”

Trump and his lawyers have repeatedly argued that his actions leading up to and surrounding the insurrection are protected by presidential immunity. The former president faces four felonies in federal election destruction for allegedly engaging in a conspiracy to defraud the United States and being at the center of a movement to block the certification of President Biden's vote on January 6, 2021. .

Trump's lawyers asked the Washington, D.C., Court of Appeals to dismiss the lawsuit, citing the president's immunity. Special Counsel Jack Smith asked the U.S. Supreme Court to take up arguments to keep the trial on track to start in March, but the high court ruled the case should first be considered by the D.C. Court of Appeals. It was decided that there was.

The court will hear arguments early this month and appears poised to reject the former president's claims.

Welker again pressed Sununu on how he could support a candidate he believes contributed to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

Repeating an argument he has used in recent weeks, Sununu argued that “no one is serious about this election” and instead urged voters not to elect Trump as the Republican nominee.

“We're having the nation's first primary here in New Hampshire,” he said, later adding that if we want to defeat Donald Trump, “it has to happen at the polls.” “Don't sit on your couch. Don't wait for it to happen. Don't wait for outside factors or the courts to take over. Whether it's a non-filer or a Republican. You have to go out and vote.”

All eyes are on Sununu's New Hampshire state, where the primary election will be held this Tuesday. Trump has an 11.1 point lead over Haley in the Granite State, while DeSantis is far behind, according to polling indices from The Hill and Decision Desk.

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